I wanted to let you know how I do my ceasar salad, or as my kids call it SEES-SALAD.
Its really very good and very simple to make.









The pictures tell what you need and they are made while I was making it!
Have a good night.

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Date : 30 June 2020


Looks Absolutely Awesome!
Have A Great Eve!

Hi friend, its so good! Hope you have a great day , did you power up for hive power up day ?

Hi there and,
"Great Day To You"!
The small amount so had,
I did!
Will be better next month....
I'll be expecting it!!!
Have A Great Eve!

By The Way....
I transfered HBD to Hive,
That's right, correct?
Just making sure,

Something we can try making at home!


This is easy and a salad is always good to eat , and light when its to warm to eat

Salad is healthy. Good that your kids like it!

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Well hello @delegate4food, i dont think we have met before, thank you @fun2learn for stopping by i love it, gonna go and see your blogs now

how are you dear friend @brittandjosie good night
What beautiful pictures, you can see every size of your delicious dish
Thank you very much for whetting my appetite and wishing you a portion of that delight.
The truth is that the salad is great for you, enjoy it a lot
I take the opportunity to wish you a beautiful night and a happy rest

He friend, yes this is so good and the fish keeps it light and fresh but i do it with chicken or cheese aswell the dressing is still letting it taste like ceaser ,
Have a great day and blog soon

I love that you add fish to salads, this provides many benefits for our body, its high phosphorus content is the most remarkable
Have a beautiful morning dear friend @brittandjosie

Yes it is, i make this every week and when its hot outside its a great quick light meal

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As you know I appreciate that

I need to incorporate this on my diet Britt!thnk you!

This is so good and really quickly made and indeed well for a diet, which i am on all my life hahhahah

I can imagine the yummy things in there :)

This is so good... and vcan be made with cheese, chicken or fish still is a ceaser and is tasteem on hive by any chance?
Thanks for stopping by

Make Salad Britt Again! This is a trump salad lol

I need that salad for my figure , or i will look like him.....

Lol Well if you ever want to give up the salad, you can move down here, we like them thicc here

He had some salad between his left upper teeth is just saw

I have tilapia fish! this sounds like an idea. Except I don't have croutons.

Nice Post. Upvoted!

I'm not usually a caesar salad lover but this looks really good and worth a try!

Love your Foodie post!

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