Food Stories: #1 The Late Afternoon Tea (ENG-ITA)

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Finally, after 9 month, last monday we did open back, but only for take away, and we also launch our Special Afternoon Tea, and yesterday we did get our first order for 2 people :) Well I'm a cook and after so long at home without work i was soo happy to cook something again for our customers:)
I would like to share with you the final result and leave the Butter Piped Tea Biscuits Recipe her for you ( I'll post the other recipes in the following days, Muffins, Voulevant and Lemon Vanilla Cake)...hope you enjoy

Screenshot_20210430-200540_Gallery[1].jpg yesterday evening when i did finish to bake

Butter Piped Tea Biscuits :
150g Butter - 115g Icing Sugar - 1 teaspoon Honey - half Vanilla pod (or a teaspoon of vanilla essence) - 1 orange or lemon zest - pinch of salt - 1 medium egg - 225g Flour (all pourpose). Method: Take the butter out of the fridge and let it soften or use microwave but be careful to do not melt it, put the butter in a bowl and mix together with a wisk the icing sugar,honey,vanilla,zest and the pinch of salt. After you add the egg, keep mix and gradually add the flour. You will get a really soft dough, now just put the dough in a piping bag and shape and flavour your biscuits on a tray with backing paper. bake at 180'C for 8 to 10 minutes

IMG-20210430-WA0025[1].jpg The Final Result