It's hard to beat a good honeybaked ham my friend! My parents started buying these when I lived at home in Cincinnati Ohio, and living in the northwest they are up here as well delicious!!🤗

Im in Colorado.. I love these! Also got a fresh farm turkey!(Never Frozen)

A fresh Farm raised turkey sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving dinner delicious!
What part of Colorado, we used to live in Gunnison Colorado for many years, beautiful country!!😀

Born n raised in Denver but Im currently in Boulder! Thats dope a fellow native?! Cheers brother! Its red bird farms where i got the turkey!

That’s awesome, Bolder is a beautiful town!😊
Enjoy the Colorado powder, I so miss the Rockies!😊

Looks good! Im having honey baked ham too. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving 🤠🤗

Soooooo good! You too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you!! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving 🤠