How To Cook Black Seashell?

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How are you my fellow hivers?

I'm back again for another interesting fact on how to cook the black seashells. I don't know if you are eating this one but this is our grandmother's favorite viand from the sea.

In my native hometown tongue, this is called BAGUNGON - the black triangular pointed seashell which we can find mostly under the muddy part of the mangroves tree.

These are the Bagungon

Procedure in cooking

  • Before cooking, we have to brush it one by one because we are aiming to drink the soup. Look at is how we soup the stones. Haha!

  • Cut the pointed back part of the shell so the meat will be easier to remove.


  • Used a heavy metal knife.


  • Wash it again to remove the residue of the shells.


Start cooking


  • Saute garlic and ginger then add onions until golden brown.
    So yummy!

  • Add the black seashell and salt to taste.

Lemongrass is a must. It adds more taste and perfect soap.

Ready to serve now!


I forgot to take picture of the spiral form of the meat inside.

During my childhood, I remember my grandmother who loved this so much. Oh! I missed her. She joined our Creator 7 years ago.

Disclaimer: Maybe some people don't eat this. This is edible from the sea.

That's all! I hope you like this post today and more exciting recipes next time.

Stay tune and Hive On!

Thank you!


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Thank you for sharing i never cook them!

Really? They are edible and we grew eating these.

Se ve muy sabroso y saludable, gracias por compartir.

Thank you friend.

You have a chance to try eating tbis seafoods.