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RE: “Making Rice Dumplings for Moon Viewing-Tsukimi 月見のもち作り”

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That looks perfect! You did a great job cooking them.

I see the rabbit on the moon when I'm in Japan, and the man on the moon when I'm in the US. haha. I think the rotation is different, I don't know. The crescent moon seems rotated different between Japan and the US anyway. Or maybe I'm just brainwashed to think rabbit pounding mochi in Japan and man on the moon in US so that's what I see. Who knows!

Anyway.... I want to go buy some mochi now!


Haha! I understand. I also saw the man on the moon when I visited US. and I see rabbits on the moon in Japan. Canadian First Nations say the man with a feather in the moon. I saw the man with the feather in the moon as well :)