Rare exclusive boat dinner

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I was fishing, and when we lifted the net to see what we caught, we saw Anglerfish cleaned she weighed 9 lbs. It is a pity to throw away the liver because it is very large and delicious to eat

although the liver is very large and there are no veins in it, it is nicely cut into pieces, the thickness of the feta is about 2.5 cm,
full pan of juicy sliced ​​liver

I put sliced ​​liver in a nylon bag with sharp flour and prepared it for frying, it is very soft and compact to the touch, let's say gentle, that's the impression I had when I prepared it

it does not need to be fried a lot for say 3-5 minutes on each side depending on the thickness

thus after that time on the other hand to be a beautiful color fried

since I had to work in two rounds


because I'm really interested in what it tastes like because the smell opened my appetite to curiosity and the delicious fresh rare dinner on board

finally everything is fried a little warm so I got cold and a little cool for a few minutes in anticipation of tasting this juicy sea liver

that the fish does not brew dry in the absence of wine we opened the beer a little to swim easier

I will somehow describe the taste impression of that food delicacy. When I took a bite first the fried crust was crunchy then the teeth just decayed into nitro without resistance a soft tender taste spread in my mouth

describe the taste of a soft and juicy bitten piece in the mouth with the tongue being kneaded,
create some pate right away because it is so mixed juicy and the taste is refined concrete the best part of ordinary liver
the taste immediately dissipates so clean and soft that you can see the spacing of the teeth on the piece I bit

it is extremely filling it can't be eaten as much as usual I was amazed so there is little left for breakfast this is a fish unfortunately due to wet hands I couldn't photograph the specimen that is responsible for this dinner and I arrived to photograph a small pity

There are several tentacles on the top of the head, which are used when fishing for smaller fish, and the curiosity is that this fish sometimes catches a few seabirds. It is a species of predator, living at depths of up to 1000 m, and grows up to 2 m in length and weighing almost 60 kg (the largest reported specimen weighed 58 kg).


sharp pointed teeth


bait with which to fish


it looks like a small worm that vibrates in front of its mouth to attract its lunch

I wish you a pleasant day with this beautiful fish actually looks a bit like some ugly frog but to me it is a beautiful fish
( lat. Lophius piskatorius )
from the family ( Lophiedae )
with photos and text food preparation tastings on board that I am trying to present on Hive are mine


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:-D thenks

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You made me so hungry when you cooked. But then...the pictures of the dead fish, well they were fascinating but I guess I'm not used to fishing.
A great blog with great pictures.

Thenks :-)