Food created with love and delicacy... 🍲🍲


Food created with a lot of love delicacy and precision food that I love to cook food that I experimented with because I made it for the first time but honestly it turned out So delicious something that I would do it every night I would make it every day food that is good for the mind spirit and body at the same time food that I recommend with both hands food after which you would lick your fingers and yourself and food that you would remember for weeks after you tried


for a start you take 3, 4 zucchini depending on who eats how much. which I then cut for a long time after I cut them a little thinner, of course it is delicate so that they can then be wrapped like a mold that I show in the picture as a roll or rather dried only for vegetarians😁
prepare the zucchini that are sliced ​​peeled in a bowl and set aside


then prepare apple cider vinegar olive oil and salt from which you make a substance that you put a teaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of olive oil then mix well until a good mixture


after you have pressed the zucchini well In the mixture you put on the grill or in the oven It depends who likes how and maybe fried but still I am on a healthy lifestyle and I prefer to be grilled in the direct grill they become very tasty and appetizing


then those who like sauce I for example love sauces and that's why I make garlic sauce which really suits this recipe zucchini rolls which is called So the sauce is prepared with a bucket of yogurt about 2.5% 3.4 cloves of garlic and a little salt




for the filling of the zucchini company and you will need two packets of cream cheese 23 cloves of garlic and a little dill
put the cream cheese in a bowl but since it is quite a thick substance you have to stir a lot and press to blend well enough and become like a cheese that is to spread on slices then grate the dill quite finely and finely chop the garlic to absorb well the cream cheese


after roasting the zucchini, let them cool slightly, because since they are still steaming they can't be spread with this cream cheese, the mixture that should have already absorbed the garlic and dill and contributed to the amazing taste of the zucchini rolls becomes great


after the zucchini are ready for spreading, put a zucchini, spread a little of the mixture of cream cheese, garlic and dill on a slice and wrap it like a roll, it becomes something like sushi, except that we have cream cheese, dill and a little salt, if you don't have enough salt which contains cream cheese and veil some great rolls of zucchini healthy useful for the mind, mind and body and never unforgettable taste



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