Spaghetti Bolognese Italian👌


spaghetti bolognese who hasn't heard of them no one loves them I'm a die-hard fan of pasta and I really love all kinds of pasta and lasagna in any form whether sweet or salty now I will recommend one of my favorite recipes which is more or less classic but maybe I added some of my idea of ​​flavor because I'm an artist I like to always add a lot of things in my works regardless of art or food





we put the spaghetti pasta or tagliatelle whoever I like


variation from 5 to 10 minutes and then I take the water out of the tagliatelle so that they do not become too soaked and then I let them cool away from the stove where I start to prepare spaghetti bolognese sauce which consists of several ingredients that we can find in each shop near home



first I prepare Onions I cut half a bucket of onions It depends on who likes as much and a little sprig of parsley maybe 56 sprigs are who likes it on large pieces of onion But of course we put on ski goggles or so as not to steam onions and back we cry then three days and steam our eyes wet Luke or cut and put a little oil and salt with this you can prevent burning eyes advice from grandma helps a lot





We also grate 2 3 carrots to prepare afterwards so that each ingredient is ready because everything is cooked moderately one by one. One ingredient should be lightly fried and well absorbed by the sauce and release its juices afterwards when we have prepared all the ingredients, we add a little less, starting with 200 g of ground beef

after the minced meat is fried we add onion and stir until a nice golden color is obtained after frying both ingredients we add parsley after we give the pleasant taste aroma and color of this product we add the delicious tomato sauce made by my grandmother personally for which she helped and even though I'm a 21-year-old girl, I can boast that I cook knit and make compote 😁😁😁

as we prepare each ingredient with a lot of love and a little less moderate amount and patience, let them fry on the pan a little less as this is a sauce that should be given a little more attention we put a little less beef minced onion parsley of course on my idea andwe also add the grated carrot Which is also my idea I like to experiment and then we add the Amazing Tomato Sauce to my lovely grandmother


and as for the end of the evening I open a great beer and enjoy the wonderful dinner of the Incredible evening of the Incredible atmosphere with which when a person cooks put heart and soul At least I am so you with all my heart This is one of the most cozy things for me to create comfort at home..
cheers to a little Heineken that from me be alive and healthy and let us have a tastier life❤️


Прекрасно💕! Вкусен пост! Бон апети!

Благодаря 😊

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