Blueberry cheesecake in the house yo

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The blueberry cheesecake :3

I already mentioned before that I had tasted the most delicious strawberry cheesecake that I have ever tasted in my favorite local cafe.

Now, that cafe is selling its whole cakes because of the quarantine. Of course, the first thing that I have thought of is that tasty cheesecake.


Since we already tasted the strawberry cheesecake, we ordered a blueberry cheesecake this time. It tasted almost the same with the strawberry though lol.


Look at that blueberry stuff dripping. <3

I had it delivered to our house but it took 2 hours before it arrived. Since we are already under the general community quarantine (less strict than before), more people are going out (mostly going to work or buying some stuff) so there's heavy traffic in the downtown area cos there are checkpoints as well. I was okay with it though... as long as the cake is safe.


I also ordered my favorite Mocha Freeziccino. Been a long time since I last tasted this.

Aside from this, we have also been buying some baked goods, getting delivery service, and buying from sellers who walk around the neighborhood to sell their vegetables and other stuff. Even if we don't need some of them, we still buy them since it's also important to help some during this pandemic. When we spend some, somebody earns it and is able to feed their family through it.

How's the quarantine going over there in your area?


Damn that's looks delicious, which I had a slice right now. 😍

I wake up hungry and this is the first thing I see in the morning!!! Have the gods forsaken me?!?!?!

But in all seriousness, that look so goooood, I want it!!

And well, the quarantine over here made the city look like a post-apocalypse movie, no one around, you go masked everywhere, and everything is quiet and bleak, but I embrace it, no more lady trying to talk to me in the groceries line, that's a good thing

I think I'm ready for the apocalypse, wish it had more dragons tho!

Sorry... but I'm not sorry! :P Lol random ladies usually talk to you? Can't blame them, you look friendly AF :P

Fuck me why did I continue browsing all the way

Sorry. :/ You’ll get something better than that once you’ve recovered.

That looks delicious. As far as quarantine goes, it seems people here where I live have discarded all warnings and are going about normal life again, but some are wearing masks. I am just waiting for the spike new cases in about a week or so.

It's almost the same here. Though I know most are going out to work, I heard there are some who are just outside for the sake of being outside. It's crazy. They even walk around in the mall even though they don't need to. I'm expecting a second wave here as well.

The big chain stores like Walmart here have been open the whole time and people seem to think they are immune in Walmart, because it is always packed with people. I think our malls are open again and I am sure they are super crowded now because people missed wandering around like zombies in them.

Yes please take, i'll trade you future donation of my organs for a slice

woah, serious? hahaha. it is just a cake you know.

Lol well I have no cake but two kidneys do the math

Is your kidney working fine? I would like to sell it, probably gonna buy a VR headset with that. :D

Well since they don’t sell alcohol here during lock down I think you’ll find my organs are in tippy top shape! What you planning with the VR headset? Digital travel to exotic locations when you live in one already ?

Hahah, I'll make my own world with it!! ;)

here in Davao, last monday, the GCQ is implemented. I can see on the road that it is back to traffic along Magallanes. I have a video taken and I will have to publish it soon.

Damn... And the fact that most jeepneys aren't even outside and I think only 1/4 of people are going out and it's traffiiiicc

Irrespective of the quarantine I think we sometimes deserves a lovely treat and this is such a lovely treat. In my area the lockdown is eased and not so strict anymore

That's good to know, but still better to be cautious.

As a lover and eater of all things cake, I deliciously infer that this tasted yummy.

We are here in Morocco in quarantine since 20 Mars 2 month approximately and they decided yesterday to extend it to another 3 weeks it goes good so far i learn a lot great new stuff and it is a good opportunity to discover yourself, btw the cake looks yammi.

Yeah now's the time to discover your hidden talents and improve the ones you know! :D

I never taste one in my life, a cheesecake, no idea why.. looks delicious and I love cheese hehe! I agree about the supporting locals by the way. During the quarantine months, I tried ordering food online once a week to support these businesses a bit and also tried buying veggies and fruit at these smaller local farmer shops rather than the big supermarket chains. I prefer their stuff anyway, so even if the prices went up a bit, it's important to support them if possible. Of course, not everyone could do so, as a lot of people lost their job, and struggling to survive themselves.

But back to the cheesecake, maybe I should just try to make one myself soon. It's quite strange I never ate one in my life, isn't it? :)

Ah you're not alone. I just tasted this last year. Haha I also have no idea why I haven't tasted one.. I guess cos chocolate cake is more popular. Good to hear you support small businesses too! The big supermarkets are already rich.

Ahhhhh go make your own! I think this is easier to make than other cakes.. Tag me if you're going to post about it, I would like to hear how it goes. :D

Lol, glad I'm not the odd one out :)
I always ate/drank every sweet thing with chocolate flavor since like forever, but now I prefer other things most of the time. Although sometimes a girl just needs soms chocolate, right?

I agree with the big supermarkets. They just higher the prices and people will come anyway. Smaller businesses struggle much harder.

When I make one, I will tag you. For today, I'm trying to finish my black dot artwork (will probably take another day depending on the rest of my schedule) but most of all trying to get my first period of no-poo post online. So the cake will have to wait a bit ;)