Fun recipes for bread and meat

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One of the foods of Bangladesh is rice and fish. But rice and fish as well as bread and our second food. Today I will share with you how to make bread and meat recipes.


How to make bread fast steps,

At first I decided to eat bread and meat today. So I went to the store to buy some flour. I took two kg of flour from the shop. Then I returned home. I took a pot and poured some water on it. After mixing the ground with water, I gave them a round shape.


How to make bread second steps,

The whole flour is well mixed and round. I started making bread with balloons. In this way I made a lot of bread and piled it in one place. After making all this, when it was time to make bread. Then I made it for frying bread in a gas oven.


Bread, preparing for the market in the oven

Breads made with whole flour are rounded when finished. Just then I lit a fire in the gas stove and put a baja pan in the oven. Then one by one the loaves of bread began to survive and thus all the loaves were ready to be served for the meal when it was finished.


Meat and bread ready.

On the other hand, castrated meat has been cooked in an oven. Meanwhile, meat and bread recipes have been prepared. Everyone was invited to stay and eat. Make your own food and give food and drink to others.



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