Chocolate dream at "Mörchens Eis", one of the most famous ice cream parlors in Essen

Hi Hive Friends,

after some weeks I'm back here at Hive and in the Foodiesbeehive community;)

Today I would like to tell you about probably the most famous ice cream parlor in all of Essen, NRW. I've been there several times but it's always worth going there. Together I have made a bike tour after there with my parents. The ice cream parlor "Mörchens Eis" is located on the "Gormet Mile" of the Rü, on the Rüttenscheider street in the city district Rüttenscheid.

It took us about half an hour to get to Rüttenscheid by bike. The ice cream parlor is always gt visited, but we were lucky and still got free seats. I don't think it's the many different flavors the ice cream parlor has to offer, it's more the taste that makes it one of the most popular ice cream parlors in all of Essen.






the chocolate dream, creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate cream and cream topping, garnished with chocolate sprinkles






I ordered the chocolate dream, creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate cream and cream topping, garnished with chocolate sprinkles. I always take chocolate ice cream, and you?;). My father ordered the same. Now I know where it comes from;)

My mother I had an ice cream, which was nciht on the map. The name I have unfortunately forgotten. It is what you can see on the very first photo. The ice cream was really very tasty. Highly recommended!
So, if you should ever be in Essen, try this ice cream parlor;)

See you next time!


Those ice cream desserts look delicious. I would go for the chocolate flavor myself.

It looks like your family is patiently waiting for you to take pictures of their plates before they dig in 😂

Hahah that's how it was, they wanted to try it quickly and I said: First I have to take a picture for the blog!:D

beautiful dessert!

thank you!

Omg it looks super!! 🤩🤩

It really was!:D

Just today I had ice cream, but not with such a presentation, the ice cream you presented looks amazing and I suspect delicious, such ice cream I have seen in Venice, Italy, and Budapest, Hungary, all were very tasty.

That's interesting, well I haven't seen an ice cream yet, but then I'll definitely try it somewhere else! :) I hope your ice cream was great too :)

reminds me of Soviet times, we had the best ice cream and the presentation was extra nice 🙂

I would have liked to try that too :D

Mensch, sieht das lecker aus 🥰

Das war es auch- mit eine der besten Eisdielen die ich kenne:)

I'm on my way,...... 🍦 😝

Looks so delicious, very lovely designing ice-cream dear.

Thank you my friend<3

Das macht definitiv Lust auf mehr wenn ich den Eisbecher so sehe 😀

Es war auch einfach super lecker, diese Eisdiele ist eine meiner favoriten:))

Oh, wow! It looks amazing! Yummy! 😉👏👏
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