Banana Bread with Rhubarb Jam バナナブレッドとルバーブジャム [English and Japanese]

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Banana Bread with Rhubarb Jam

I made banana bread with rhubarb jam that I made this spring again. I used the same recipe as last spring. However, my banana bread looks slightly different from the previous year's.

It became very soft because the bananas were pretty old and soft. I didn't use too much sugar because the rhubarb jam was pretty sweet this year.

・Rhubarb jam 3-4 tablespoons
・Bananas 2 completely mature brown ones
・Eggs 2
・Sugar 2-3 tablespoons
・Butter 40-50g
・Rice flour and multi-grain flour 150g
・Baking powder 2-3 teaspoons
・Chocolate chips 2-3 tablespoons
・Coconut oil 1 teaspoon

I used 100% rice flour last year, but I added multi-grain flour this year. It became sweeter than last year, but it was tasty.


It's so easy to prepare banana bread. It takes only about 10 minutes to prepare. I baked it at 350°F in the oven for about 30-35 minutes.

By the way, I like to use long chopsticks to make the batter. I used to have a whisk for mixing, but I don't use it often. The long chopsticks are useful for me. Also, I like to use Muji's big scoop.


Done! It became pretty fluffy this year! I couldn't find frozen yogurt at the supermarket this time, so I bought chocolate ice cream instead. I usually eat it with yogurt or frozen yogurt. These days are so hot, so I didn't mind eating ice cream with it. It's sweet and tasty!

Japanese 日本語





・ルバーブ ジャム 大さじ3〜4
・バナナ 完熟 2本
・卵 2個
・さとう 大さじ2〜3
・バター 40〜50g
・米粉とマルチグレイン 150g
・ベーキングパウダー 小さじ2〜3
・チョコレートチップ 大さじ2−3
・ココナッツオイル 小さじ1








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Greetings @koto-art ,

What a splendid post.

The bread looks lovely....thank you for the recipe and the intro to long chop sticks for nifty is that.


Thank you! The bread was pretty good with ice cream. Long chopsticks are my favourite kitchen tool!

Looks delicious! Especially the chocolate chips. Yum!!

Thank you! Yes, chocolate chips are super important for this bread for sure!!

Wow, the finished product looked so nice. Thank you for also sharing the recipe!

You are very welcome. Using rice flour or multi-grain flour is a good alternative to using regular flour all the time.

Seems so easy to prepare! Will probably try sometime!

Yes! It was super easy to make. We just need old, black-looking bananas. ;)

oh YUM! it looks sooooooo good. and even with ice cream?? 😉😊😜