“Making Rice Dumplings for Moon Viewing-Tsukimi 月見のもち作り”

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"Making Rice Dumplings for Moon Viewing-Tsukimi"

I made rice dumplings called Dango in Japanese for the 21st of September because it is the traditional Japanese event called Tsukimi which means Moon Viewing. This event is normally in September or October depending on the calendar.

This time was the same time as the full moon. Tsukimi refers to the Japanese tradition of holding parties to view the harvest moon (Chushu no Meigetsu.) Literally, Chuushuu means in the middle of autumn and Meigetsu means great moon or marvelous moon. People also call it Jugoya sometimes. Jugo means the 15th, ya means night in Japanese. Ancient people used the old Chinese calendar and this event was on the 15th of August in ancient times. People prepare susuki grass, rice dumplings called Tsukimi Dango, and chestnuts and watched the full moon. Those things are symbols of autumn.

By the way, people say there are rabbits on the moon making rice cakes. Do you see the rabbits on the moon? I sometimes see them. I don't make actual rice dumplings in Canada but I have rice flour. I decided to make Mitarashi Dango which means rice dumplings with soy sauce dipping sauce. It was awesome!





・About Tsukimi 月見についてはコチラ:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsukimi
・About Mitarashi Dango みたらし団子についてはコチラ:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitarashi_dango![B8245A4B-82E4-4646-A34D-A58B1F198787.jpeg]

I used Bob's Red Mill, Gluten free Sweet White Rice Flour. This is very easy to handle and tastes good. However, this flour is a little bit softer to make round dumpling shapes.
Bob's Red Millのグルテンフリー、ホワイトライスフラワーを使いました。簡単で美味しいですが、もちの丸い形を作るには少し柔らかすぎます。

Added some water little by little and mixed it until softer. After that, put dumplings into boiling water by spoon. Wait for a few minutes, then the dumplings become solid shapes.

I don't have sticks so I just eat them on a plate. This sauce was pretty good. Heated soy sauce, brown sugar, potato starch, and water with a frying pan for a while until becoming starchy.

This photo is from my mother who is in Japan. I miss Japan.

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That looks perfect! You did a great job cooking them.

I see the rabbit on the moon when I'm in Japan, and the man on the moon when I'm in the US. haha. I think the rotation is different, I don't know. The crescent moon seems rotated different between Japan and the US anyway. Or maybe I'm just brainwashed to think rabbit pounding mochi in Japan and man on the moon in US so that's what I see. Who knows!

Anyway.... I want to go buy some mochi now!

Haha! I understand. I also saw the man on the moon when I visited US. and I see rabbits on the moon in Japan. Canadian First Nations say the man with a feather in the moon. I saw the man with the feather in the moon as well :)