Omelette with meat and vegetables

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Today I am preparing this protean meal mixing two kind of proteins. Meats and eggs mixed with vegetables give you an important quantity of amino acids. Proteins are really necessary for the well functioning of the organism and you can find them in meat foods and vegetarian food.

There are vegetables that don't contain all amino acids. Cereals and dry fruits don't contain lysine needed in the formation of collagen, that is why vegan people look older because of the lack of some aminoacids because they don't know about them, and don't combine them in the correct manner. Vegetables contain poor methionine and cystine which are essential for the formation of nails, hair and skin, but are rich in lysine.

It is necessary to ombine different food groups to obtain all kind of amino acids. For example, legumes with cereals or nuts. The best known combination is that of a plate of beans with rice, wholemeal bread, chickpeas with seeds or dried fruits .


  • 1/4 grams of minced meat
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 zuchinni
  • red pepper
  • chives
  • 1 hot chilli
  • 4 sweet chillies
  • olive oil
  • butter
  • black pepper
  • parmesan cheese


  • cut all the vegetables in small pieces

  • fry the minced meat in olive oil with the garlic, salt and oregano
  • add the vegetables and wait until the juices dry
  • add 2 tablespoons of butter
  • once the juices dry, mix the eggs with salt at taste
  • add the eggs to the meat
  • cook a low fire with the lid on
  • cut in four pieces

I combined this meal with garlic rice and a mixed salad. A good meal is a combination of many things so that we get the nutrients required to keep a healthy body. To be in a diet doesn't mean not to eat, it means to choose the right food.


It looks really tasty, would love to try it out some day. I love the way the egg made it looks like pizza

Why not. You can make it, it is too easy.

Love your Foodie post!

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It looks delicious. What do you think about the health effects of cooked food?

Depends on what food. I always add to my meals fruits and raw salads. Some food need to be cooked like meats, fish, chicken, but not overcooked. I wouldn't dare to eat raw chicken or pork because of parasites or bacterias.

When we cook food we create compounds (Mutagens, Carcinogens, Teratogens) that have negative health effects. What do you think about that?

I believe that, but many people have survived eating cooked food, and many have lived long lives. Don't worry about that. Compensate cooked food with raw salads and fruits. Be happy.

so you believe that cooked food is the cause of the long lives of the people you mentioned