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A Foodie Challenge I simply cannot resist, and add to this challenge the fact that it's run by none other than our talented maker of Personalized HIVE Profile Signatures, @zord189, and I'm caught, hook line and sinker!

Certainly will not let go of this bait;)

Pre-Pandemic days when we used to frequent some hidden gems in the restaurant industry, I would often end up ordering a Stir-fry option.
Nothing beats the crunchy, caramelized sweet and sour flavours of veggies stir-fried; add to that anything Seafood and I'm done for, especially when it's succulent plump garlicky Prawns.

Pre-pandemic Delish Prawn Stir-fry with Chinese noodles.

However, we're now smack bang in the midst of a pandemic that's brought a new strain to our shores, and I'm not even sure which of our favourite spots have survived.

Further, we no longer simply jump into the car at a whim to run to the store for whatever takes our fancy as we're trying to practice social distancing for now so we first check the pantry/ freezer/ refrigerator or even the garden and use whatever we can find right here at home!

Ask any home cook how many times a stir fry has saved the day when time's run out and everyone is starting to raid the refrigerator looking for something to fill the hunger pangs!

Where was this cooking method first used?
China of course; where food ingredients were quick-fried in a small amount of oil in a Wok.
This quickly spread to other parts of Asia and has become very popular in the rest of the world.

This method of cooking further retains much of the nutrients, as it's not cooked to death nor is any of the liquids thrown down the drain as we do when we cook veggies!

Prawn stir fry.jpg
Yet another pre-pandemic Prawn & Smoked Mussels Stir-fry.

Chef line break.png
Let's get cooking for today's Smashing Stir-fry
What did I find in the pantry/ freezer/ refrigerator and the garden?

I'll firstly tell you what I would have wanted to, but did not find:

  • Chinese noodles, so I used Basmati Rice instead
  • Bell Peppers
  • Mushrooms, any type!
  • Prawns

No guessing what I've got on my next online shopping list!

Base Ingredients:

  • Leeks, sliced
  • Spring Onions, sliced
  • 1 Onion, thinly sliced
  • Carrots, cut into julienne strips
  • 1/4 Cabbage, finely shredded
  • Fresh Ginger root, grated
  • Garlic, crushed
  • Lemon Juice, to marinade chicken fillets
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Chicken Breast Fillets, sliced thinly


Marinade sliced Chicken fillets in lemon juice, thyme and seasoning.

Heat Olive Oil in wok or large pan, add garlic, spring onions, leeks, carrots and cabbage in small batches and stir-fry till veggies start to caramelize.



Remove from pan, add more Olive Oil, heat till almost smoking hot and add chicken fillets in small batches, stir-frying for a very short time, just to seal in the juices.

Smoking hot!

Return veggies to pan and stir-fry on high heat while mixing lightly.


Add Ginger, Soy Sauce, Worcester Sauce and your favourite Sweet & Sour Sauce, season to taste.


Serve with Basmati Rice



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Thank you so very much @anggreklestari and @foodiesunite, really appreciate your support!

Your dish looks rich in herbs and spices! Yummy!

You make me so hungry @lizelle !

If the shops were only open today (in Germany everything is closed on Sundays), I would change my plans immediately and try to cook Stir-Fry. I never did it so far. It was only something to eat when going out. Now it's right up there on my list!

Thank you for your inspiration!

@elenahornfilm 🐠

It really is super easy and quick as you saw in the post, right up my alley when time is of the essence. Are the shops always closed on a Sunday or is it just because of Covid?

Hi! In Germany, shops are closed every Sunday. It's the day everybody should have the chance to spend time with family, instead of working. However, it's increasingly controversial because it really is a Christian tradition to rest on Sundays. What about our Muslim and Jewish citizens who would like to have the Friday or the Saturday off?

However, as a child I always loved the fact that Sunday was always very peaceful and less stressful. My Italian friend who is living in Germany now for 2 years, still says on a Sunday morning: I'll go quickly to the shops and get something for lunch. He is still not used to it. Here you must plan to have enough stuff in the fridge for Sunday :D.

In Berlin, we have one supermarket that got permission to stay open on Sundays. The corner shops in the area could not cope with the demand of people coming into the area for the nightlife. But this is the absolute exception.

Everything is always open around your area? Also now during Covid?

@elenahornfilm 🐠

I think that's an excellent tradition as it forces one to slow down!
Our food stores were open every day till around 8pm, I think now during Covid with our strict curfew, they close a little earlier. Some pharmacies and other stores are also open on Sundays but only till around 2pm.
In the large shopping malls they stay open later.
We still avoid going shopping now with this second Covid peak but generally keep Sundays for outings to the beach or just to relax at home.
Have a great week @elenahornfilm :)

I would love to go to the beach now. It's on the top of my list for post-lockdown-time :)

Looks good, Lizelle! Yes, a stirfry is a great fall back!

Thanks Fiona, I often end up dawdling so stir fries have rescued me more than once;)
Sounds like our Covid curve is finally flattening, we were hearing of so many acquaintances and friends getting the virus and some sadly succumbing to it. But it's here to stay so we need to arm ourselves and boost that immune system! Ivermectin has been proven to kill the virus but our government still won't legalize it for human use; I know many in the farming community are using it however as a prophylaxis and it's working! The big pharmas will not make as much with this as they will with the vaccine but it's something to consider until the vaccine becomes available in my opinion.

I do hope that the curve is flattening - the wine industry and associated industries are being killed. Just this morning we heard that a longtime visitor who had a property in the village had succumbed and his wife has been in ICU for more than 3 weeks.

Perhaps I know too much about science and clinical trials: I am happy to wait for replicated and verified results based on at least a small trial with a control before going down that road. That said, if there is no other choice, and it's a last resort, the decision needs to be the patient's or the family's.

I also have to say, now that I've heard a little about the two types of vaccines, I want to know which ones, and why, they're bringing in to South Africa. Again, and based on my understanding of viruses and vaccines (based on some work I did in the HIV field), I think one has the potential to be more effective on the new variant than the other. There are too many bloody questions with this thing.

Anyhow, rant over for the moment. Hope you are having a safe (dry) Sunday.

That is so sad Fiona! My nephew also said there's so much that they don't know about this virus, but he's in favour of that med but of course prohibited from using it. He reckons in their hospital no one has survived once they've gone on the ventilator! Really a horrific virus!
We've been taking a hectic cocktail of supplements my older son recommended and orders online for us, Quercetin being one, it's been studied as a Covid prophylaxis and shown good results. But like he says, the best still is to stay away from other people. How much longer do we have to live like this though?!
Anyway, we're expecting a tropical storm but so far it's just a tad windy, thankfully much cooler though!
My heart goes out to our beautiful once thriving wine industry!
Stay safe Fiona.

Mmm... that stirfry look both tasty and colorful 🤗

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Dear @lizelle, all your look very tasty and the recipes seem to be very easy to follow and cook. I reblogged this your post, will try (one day 😁)