New kitchen tools

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Hello šŸ‘‹ my food loving friends! In the age of internet marketing every company wants to know what you like and will pay good money for this info. IG and FB often send me adds for things I paused to look at, this time around I bought one of the products,


It was going at a really low price and if it lived up to the advertisement, we would lose less finger tips in this house. It took a couple weeks to arrive (free shipping).
When it arrived from Taiwan šŸ‡¹šŸ‡¼ I missed the delivery , so I took my undelivered notice slip to the post office and collected the package.
The box was tightly packed and it came without a manual.
Once you open the box or watch the advertisement video , the attachment is simple enough. The top which is meant to protect your fingers is made of plastic (the sides are not strong - do not bend the sides or it will break) .
This has three teeth like a fork underneath, you stick this inside your potatoes or whatever you are planning to dice , peel or shape. Fit carefully for efficient use,
There are a number of blades , I tried them only tonight so Iā€™m not a master at using any yet. This product is reasonable and effective for light household kitchen works.






After all of that grating, shredding and cutting, I decided to put the new magic salt ,garlic flavor and spicy to the test. I dropped in some curry mixed season , a bit of flour and deep fried these - added some chicken cartilage and the rest is history.