Best Breakfast: Mega-balistic banana pancakes

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Heeeyho Readers! One hell of a great breakfast!

Posting as I go! This time sharing one of my favorite breakfast before going cycling.

Yes. Eggs and bananas is a weird combination — we've talked about that here. It's still a super sexy delicious full-of-flavor and extremely healthy recipe. The name is suggestive: a mega-balistic banana pancake to fuel our bodies with enough energy for a morning of cycling (or whatever outdoor activity you fancy).

This is not a fixed recipe other than the eggs, banana, and oatmeal; call it the base. All the rest is according to the mood: prunes, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, etc. Be creative!


  • Two eggs
  • One banana
  • Oatmeal
  • Prunes (I think the correct name is raisins)
  • Chia seeds
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon


Mashed bananas on eggs first

First step is to smash one banana in a plate and throw it in a bowl with the two eggs. Mix, mix, mix with a fork until it's all... er.. mixed.


Eggs mixed with smashed banana


Add ingredients

Then, add in the prunes, oatmeal and chia seeds. I like to add oatmeal until the mix is kinda porridge-like (not too thin and not too thick). Mix, mix, mix.


Super sexy

Here are some tips after I learned the hard way: Don't throw it at once in a frying pan, otherwise it's harder to flip. Second, let it burn a little bit on the bottom so it doesn't stick to the pan. Gotcha? Also, make sure not to burn your fingers during the process.


Thin layer of olive oil



I always use a thin layer of olive oil to fry my pancakes. Coconut oil is also interesting, but it's too hipster for a cave man line myself {jokes}. Splash the mix in and pay attention to the tips before-mentioned.


Lastly — if you don't mind a bit of sweetness —, adding honey and cinnamon is a lord-mama-mia final touch.

Two pancakes are quite high in calories though... just in case you are cutting I'd consider that into your daily calorie count.

This recipe is also complete: fibers, carbohydrates, protein and vitamins. When needed more fat one can add peanut butter or hazelnuts. It's up to liking.

What do you think of this combination?

Try it out and let me know in the comments. And don't forget to exercise!


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If I just spotted the name of this (mega balistic banana pancakes) somewhere on the chain, I would know right away that it´s your creation! :D One has to love your creativity, both with the food and with the words :D

@tipu curate

🤣 at this point i'm only creating weird names to tease you. Btw, try this one out... it gives a loooot of energy to exercise

:DD kind of you! :D

I had never tried bananas on pancakes before. I love bananas, with that being said, I will try adding bananas next time to my pancakes.

Just do it! Banana pancakes is better than regular flour pancakes 😁

Actually, I love your combo. I do pancakes all the time, call me a Pro! 🤣 (still I'm not 🤫) but I dont think I ever tried adding chia seeds, not mentioning raisins. Cause prunes are rainsins, right?

I tried though with apples, carrot, pumpkin, all kind of berries. But raisins never. Sounds interesting and I promise I'll add some in the batch I'll do next.

Thanks for the idea! And also, cinnamon and honey on top? My favorite for sure! 🥰🥰❤❤

Yeeeeeeh another pancake pro!

Cause prunes are rainsins, right?

Raisins!!!! That is the word I was looking for but couldn't remember. I tried to google, but it would only give me 'prunes' and it sounded off.

To be honest this is my first time adding raisins (they were there so I thought, why not?). Try it out and let me know. 😊

I'll try it out for sure. Because I forget to consume raisins and finding easy recipe to incorporate them is a win situation.

I like to add them to a rice bar recipe. It's an adaptation of the 'tour de france' rice bar the 9ro cyclists eat

Never heard of it, sounds interesting! I sometimes do sesame seeds and raisins bar and keep them in the freezer. This recipe here and you know what? I have so many sesame seeds in the fridge and I'm sick of seeing them there. I think I'll do some sesame and raisins bars.....

That looks great to take while cycling! I have to try it.

The rice bars, or rice cakes, I made is an adaptation from this video:

Oohh cool. It doesnt seem hard to do, only that you have to cook it.
I cant imagine the taste...also does these rice bars stay like good shaped when you take them with you or they lose their firm shape?

I will make the recipe of sesame seeds and raisins, I took a look today in kitchen cabinet and I found out I'm out of raisins. But tmr...thats the day!

Thanks for sharing the video with me!

So nice! This is one of my favourite recipes when we have overripe bananas. I call it bananolette :))
And I like to put sesame paste on it and yes, honey and cinnamon on top of that!

Bananolette 🤣

I've never seen this sesame paste and google didn't help either. Whats that?

Really? It's tahini.

Found it on google but never saw on the super market, and mom doesn't know what that is, which means it doesn't exist here hahahaha

How interesting, I took it for granted that it is everywhere. Well, it is powerful - if you ever find it, I think you will love it! And it goes so well with bananolette :)

Bananolette ressembles some sort of russian roulette but with bananas instead of bullets /o/

Hahaha, why not? Sounds more interesting than an omelette with bananas for sure :)

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