[Blog #95] Tour de France Rice Recipe (that went half wrong)

Heeeyho Readers! This is a case of a failed success!

Read this before you attempt this recipe! Seriously, this is a case of something wrong that turned out right. Let me explain. I was researching what the pro cyclists eat during long rides when a rice cake recipe popped-up. The original recipe should look like a cereal bar; or at least have a consistency that you can hold while cycling. Get it? Well... mine turned out kinda soggy, like risotto. It failed.

Should I disregard the recipe? For a rice cake, yes. However, it's still a delicious pre-workout dessert, full of easy-to-digest carbohydrates.


Turbo nitro dessert

I'm still unsure what went wrong during the process to achieve a 'drier' consistency. Perhaps too much juice; or too little cooking time. Anyways, if you also fail, consider the result a rice pudding and rejoice yourself with the appey flavor.


  • Apple juice (one cup)
  • Coconut milk (a small cup)
  • Water (one cup)
  • Raisins (per liking)
  • Dried fruits (per liking)
  • Brown sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Rice (I used risotto rice; one cup)
  • Salt


First we need to cook the rice. In a pan: throw one cup of apple juice, coconut milk, one cup of water, and a cup of rice. Let it cook at a mild temperature until all the water dries. If the rice is not cooked until the water is gone, add more, put the lid and leave it to cook longer.

  • Don't forget to stir so it doesn't burn on the bottom.


Add mentioned ingredients



The cooked result for rice cakes should look drier than mine. If you are looking to make rice pudding, the final product should look kinda soggy as seen below.


Cooked rice result

The flavor by now is pretty insipid, tasting of apples and nothing more. Turn off the oven and let's add the remaining ingredients. I moved the rice to a bowl so it's easier to mix. If your pan is big enough, there's no need.


Adding dried fruits and more



Raisins, brown sugar, and dried fruits are added according to liking. I added a handful of raisins and dried fruits, and a little bowl worth of brown sugar. Mix it well with the rice. Also add a generous pinch of salt to bring up the flavor. Mix again.


Preparing a baking tray



Last step is to move the rice to a baking tray so it can go in the fridge. I spread the rice the same thickness as a normal cereal bar. As you may already know, I couldn't cut the rice in the form of bars because it turned out soggy — that wasn't a problem for a pudding result. It's best to put it in the fridge over night.


There's two possible outcomes. The cooked rice dries up so that you can cut it into bars. Or its consistency approaches that of rice pudding. Either way the Turbo Nitro Rice-o-mama is one incredible fruitey carbohydrate bomb.

This recipe is a great pre-workout meal or an mid-cycling carbo fuel (if it has the right consistency). I personally ate a bowl of this as rice pudding two hours before a race and felt energetic.

If you try it out let me know!


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This looks really delicious professor. No need to talk about energy because everything in that gives you energy lol. Thanks for sharing your recipe with us. Have a nice day and bon appetit!

Thanks, man! It's an energy bomb, but that's the goal xDD
at least for us cyclists that spend a heck ton of energy each training day

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Hm, I wonder if you can add some psyllium, chia, or coconut flour to help it set better? Still, yummy rice pudding is yummy rice pudding!

I wonder if you can add some psyllium, chia, or coconut flour to help it set better?

It's worth a try. Today I'll go for a second round but using normal rice, instead of risotto rice; risotto tends to be kinda soggy

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