How The Kitchen Taught Me An Abundance Mindset


Recently I have noticed an old mind pattern showing up in my life, one that I thought I had largely overcome but apparently haven't. Scarcity!

Yes, that dreaded old "it's not enough / how will this ever work / how can I sustain myself" field of notions that all basically represent the same attitude and subconscious conviction:

"There isn't enough."

Now consciously and by sheer experience I know that everything is abundance, that I am always supported and that the best thing I can do is to trust life fully.

But ever since I have started working on changing these old scarcity thought patterns they have gone into hiding somewhat, secretly trying to establish a clandestine underground base from where they send their interference signals whenever the opportunity arises.

Thankfully, I have spotted the pattern showing up because that secret operation was just too damn arrogant and careless.

Guess where it shows up? It shows up in the kitchen!

It may sound trivial but really, when I'm cooking I make a whole lot of tiny decisions that keep showing me where I actually stand. These tiny decisions don't get much conscious notice from me as I am focussed on the meal I want to prepare and serve, but recently I have stumbled over a few choices that turned out to be really undesireable.

For instance: When I fry an egg (thank you chickens!) I often times cut too many slices of bread to put everything on. You see I think I want to " make the meal count", to not "waste" valuable fried goodness on a mere two to three slices. Why only use three slices when you can slice 8 and serve more, right?

The issue of course is that the egg that goes onto each slice is tiny, merely a touch of egg, compared to dividing it over less slices of bread. It works and all but it's nowhere near as good as simply making two or three slices that count in the end.

Same with cooking rice: I tend to just boil way too much of it. The end result is a rice pan that has way too little veggies in it and way too much rice so it tastes really boring and dangerously mundane.

And I keep bumping up against this pattern again and again.

You may be thinking "how is using 'too much rice' scarcity-thinking? Because I only make so much rice due to the fear that making just a little won't be enough to feed everyone.

It's like the constant submerged fear of not feeling full, of having cooked a meal and still be hungry. And so I mess up meal after meal out of this false notion of underlying scarcity. Too much rice can ruin what would have been a real tasty and rich dish!

The joke of course is that the bag of rice or the bread would not only taste better if balanced right with the rest of the ingredients, but it would also LAST a lot longer because I have more of it to cook with another day.

My lady and I have actually thrown the rest of our last rice pan out simply because it was pretty much all rice and just didn't do what we wanted it to after two days of forcing ourselves to eat it ahahaha.

It's robbing myself of richness because I focus somehow on scarcity management in the kitchen which is the polar opposite of a tasty experience in a meal!

It's quite sensible therefore to state that by making scarcity choices what I get is scarcity. Scarcity in quality and - ultimately - in quantity.

On the flipside I have a good friend whose cooking technique has always appalled me somewhat, probably because it is exactly what I need to learn to do!

He uses way too much of everything, there are always cut veggies leftover that somehow don't make it into the pan because he just grabs the majority of it and ignores the rest. He pours oil on it like there was a gallon of it and ultimately he seems like a tornado in the kitchen, cooking without a care using everything in any quantity he feels called to. And guess what?

The meals are godlike.

They are rich, full, warm and spirit-lifting. A real abundance mindset at work can do wonders.

So that's one of my missions the next days and weeks, to really not be stingy with what I want to create.

Sometimes "less is more" but often times "less" is just an antiquated dogma of days past <3


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Interesting write up. I could sure have some more ( of an ) abundance mindset in my kitchen.

While reading all this, I couldn't help but wonder whether this can be taken as a metaphor for crypto investing too :<)

i have to think about that one for a bit ahaha. I have had much better success with trades after just approaching it way slower now out of circumstance. there is not enough electricity to keep charting and flipping trades so i am somewhat forced to go mid- to longterm now. and it works out much better thus far ;)

Mid to long term is great. I am on that same boat too, now.
I am just looking for a safe and easy way to stake some stable coins, when I feel it's a good time to sell some big coins ( in a couple of months or so ), before the markets really take a plunge ( if that's actually gonna happen ) or when I feel the time is right.