Hello food lovers, I'm actually a first timer in this community and I must say that I love the energy in this community.
Today I what to share a simple and quick peanut butter recipe with you and I trust you'll find this helpful.
For this recipe, I used three basic ingredients. They are;

Groundnut - 1cup
Vegetable oil.
You'll equally need a good blender to grind.

Now let's begin;
First, I peeled my Groundnuts completely.


Next I placed the peeled nuts into my blender, I added the vegetable oil and the Honey which served as the sweetener then blend on high speed.

I kept shaking my blender to ensure that all the nuts gets through the blades.
After a while of thoroughly blending the nuts, I noticed that the nut itself has equally released it's oil.


Then I allowed it for a while but this time on a reduced speed.


Next I turned it out and scooped my butter into a plastic plate.


You can spread this on your bread, you can eat your garden-egg with it and the lost continues.

I usually love mine with bread and the taste is so yummy and delicious.

I love making my peanut butter/jam on my own because that way I know it is free from every form of preservative.

Will you try this recipe?
Did you find this post useful?

I'll be waiting for you at the comment section of this Post.
Thanks 😊
Yours Truly @promiseimah1


Hola @promiseumah1 que receta tan fácil, te soy sincera me gusta la crema de maní pero no la consumo mucho porque el maní por si solo tiene mucha grasa, pero a los niños les encanta, gracias

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