Sweet Sweeet Peppers...

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This is the first year we tried growing sweet peppers. It’s takes a little time for them to change from green to orange but once they start... it happens fast.


Once I see the orange starting to appear, it takes about 2 days, then the whole pepper is completely orange and ready to pick... and eat.


We just have 2 sweet pepper plants in amongst a few strawberry and raspberry plants. The raspberries haven’t produced any berries but the strawberry plants and pepper plants have.

Every other day I can go out and pick 4-5 orange sweet peppers. Guess what? That kids like them and so do I 😉😉



Your Random
Dose of...


Harvest time 🤗

Is the best time...😉

What I like about peppers: critters generally avoid them, so they are usually in good shape.

If they were hot peppers I would stay away myself. I am just glad my dog hasn’t discovered them yet. She loves veggies... all kinds.

I'm surprised she hasn't found it yet...

damn they look nice af