This is how I do my Lunch break ~ A Splatts Style Pastrami Sandwich

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So who is ready for a sandwich that probably shouldn’t be eaten on your lunch break? It will leave you looking for a napping place I can tell you that. Maybe they should include nap time at work?... Anyway, sometimes I get a wild hair and decide to get a little creative with my sandwiches. I’m a pastrami lover big time. That in combo with sourdough bread and some melted cheese... drool

Alright let’s take a look at this sandwich creation I made the other day on my lunch break. See now you know why I mentioned not eating this on your lunch break. I had a tough time going back to work....


First I was disappointed that there wasn’t an onion available at the Splatts House. That dang onion would have made this sandwich just that much better and nearly ruined it for me. Well what do ya do... I must press on.

I’m all about toasted/hot sandwiches, so I threw some orange bell pepper in a pan.
Then a nice pile of thin sliced pastrami
Slice up some avocado while I am waiting for the peppers to soften up and the sourdough bread to be toasted

Next is the secret weapon...habanero cheese curds from the Walla Walla Cheese Factory
Pile the pastrami and bell pepper on the toasted sourdough then add those curds!! Then place it in the oven on broil to melt them habanero curds
Oh ya, then add some more pastrami and bell peppers on top of that.
The crunch of the toasted sourdough bread, the touch of heat from the habanero cheese curds, the coolness of the avocado....
Yep, this is gonna have to be logged into my book of epic sandwiches. Maybe next time I will add some sauerkraut.


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I miss the avocado with good quality in here, Indonesia. The price is expensive :(

I hear ya!!! Avocados are stupid expensive. I am hoping to be able to grow my own avocado tree in the future.. but the climate I live in doesn’t help...

FoodFightFridays need to get going again huh...

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I remembered eat the avocado toast in a big restaurant and the taste was sooo good. I always wonder why I can't find good avocados for myself 😅

I've been talk with @dandays about FFF. Go go go

Even when you don't tag me I got a close eye on you. 😉

@shaidon brought it up, it was about the third time someones's said something to me. I asked him if he'd be willing to assume a bigger role and we'll kick around the idea of bringing #fff back he never got back to me. Some things take time sometimes.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

@splatts ⬆️

I want to make a contest too guys like weekly contest on Foodies community.

But still waiting about fff to make everything goes well

Looking forward to the one you initiate too Angrekk. <-- My autocorrect knows how to spell your name now, btw. We'll keep tossing around the idea and see what happens. In case I haven't told you lately, you're a good ally to have in the team.

My name is soooo difficult to say :D lol

Looks yummy! 😋

Oh ya... it was nothing less than amazing.

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Looks way too amazing. Good lunch I bet.

Chasing it down with a big glass of ice cold raw milk put me over the edge.

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Wow, Great post!

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That's one bad ass sandwich.
You should enter this bad boy into the #biss contest.
It's a contest that highlights sandwiches and this could be the next winner.
I would love to see a picture of your first bite, as you crank your mouth open a foot wide to be able to chow down.
@farm-mom and I were just saying how much we miss #fff.
The close knit group of people that were involved were so much fun to get to know, with many of them still on our radar today.
Some of the chefs were on top of their game, and then there was my stuff which I usually stole from another cook that I know very well.
I don' think I've cooked anything substantial in a while, or should I say, stole in a while.
Have a great day my friend.