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It's really a PEARL dish because it's made of real pearl!🎇
PEARL barley, I mean;)

Early in the USSR times it was extremely poplar, especially in the Soviet army.
It's super cheap (ONLY 0.2$ per kilo!!😮) and super nutritious - the best variant for millions of soldiers who must be fed well.

Now it's not widely used, it's not popular and fashionable;) But I don't care about it because I know it's healthy, tasty and great way to have a good dish, so my family uses it very often for soups and other dishes.

Here is one of them - Pearl vegan dinner🎇

So we need:

  • pearl barley
  • mushrooms

  • tomatoes
  • bell pepper

I have frozen summer variant

  • turmeric
  • onion
  • salt, pepper, garlic etc
  • some plant oil

At first we cook pearl barley (it's better to soak it for a night to cook it faster) - for about 30 min.

Then we cook mushrooms: cut them and stew them for about 5 min on a frying pan.

Then we add there pearl barley.
Mushrooms have already given their "juice", and this bouillon is very tasty, and pearl barley will soak it and become even more tasty.

Then it's turn of pepper and tomatoes

The last step some turmetic + garlic in our dish


Super cheap and super tasty dish is waiting for you;)💚