Pasta and Tomato Pie

Hi Guys!

Yesterday I spent the whole morning doing nothing, like seriously nothing. I was waiting for people to deliver the furniture we bought more than a month ago. Yep. Took them more than a month to finally deliver them. That even after some calls back and forth. In the end we had to return the furnitures as they were being dishonest with everything they delivered 😒


Day was wasted and thought I'd prepare easy dinner as my husband only had an hour home before leaving for work.



Pasta and Tomato Pie.

9 inch pie, all gone for the 3 boys 😍🤣😍🤣

2 c pasta (penne, curly, macaroni whichever)

3-4 medium size tomato
1 generous pinch oregano
1 pinch ground white pepper
Salt to taste

2 handful frozen cooked beef sausage
2 handful shredded mozzarella
2 handful bread crumbs

For steps, click the video 😊


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Delicious recipe @thekitchenfairy. The tomato in the pasta has a special flavor.

indeed that's what makes the pie tasty :D

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Cool! I'd maybe try this out soon!

Its simple to make and its looks nutritious

give the recipe a try, it really IS simple to prepare :D

Its looks so tasty umm