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Soda And Fruit Sensations That Can Be Enjoyed At The Same Time

Haloo Hive Foodies!
Have you ever tried combining your soda with a piece of fruit?
Have you ever mixed fruit with a syrup?
Or even mix all three?

Haloo Hive Foodies!
Pernahkah Anda mencoba menggabungkan soda Anda dengan sepotong buah?
Apakah Anda pernah mencampurkan buah dengan sirup?
Atau bahkan mencampur ketiganya?

This time I want to show you a drink recipe by mixing soda, fruit and also syrup.
This recipe is very easy, you only need 3 ingredients that you definitely have in your refrigerator.
Okay, let's start!

Kali ini saya ingin menunjukkan resep minuman dengan mencampurkan soda, buah dan juga sirup.
Resep ini sangat mudah, Anda hanya membutuhkan 3 bahan yang pasti ada di lemari es Anda.
Oke, ayo mulai!


  • Dragon fruit (Buah Naga)
  • Soda (Soda)
  • Orange Syrup (Sirup Orange)

Step 1

Prepare all the ingredients, cut the dragon fruit and take part in it. Then crush the fruit in a glass slowly, then add ice cubes to taste.

Siapkan semua bahan, potong buah naga dan ambil bagian di dalamnya. Kemudian hancurkan buah dalam gelas secara perlahan, lalu tambahkan es batu secukupnya.

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Step 2

Prepare a soda and add it to the glass that has been filled with fruit and ice cubes.

Siapkan soda dan tambahkan ke gelas yang telah diisi buah dan es batu.

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Step 3

Add orange syrup slowly.

Tambahkan sirup jeruk perlahan.

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Step 4

Dragon squash orange is ready to be enjoyed.

Dragon squash orange siap dinikmati.

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How interesting isn't it?
This fresh drink even accompany me to write this blog.
I hope you guys like it, don't forget to try it at home.
Thank you :)

Menarik sekali bukan?
Minuman segar ini bahkan menemani saya menulis blog ini.
Semoga kalian menyukainya, jangan lupa mencobanya di rumah.
Terima kasih :)

Best Regards,
Tina K Harnis.


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This looks like very good option for the summer time! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Yeah, you can enjoy this. Thank you 🥰🥰

this looks like an absolutely refreshing drink! 😁 thank you for sharing!

Thank you 🥰🥰🥰

look so refreshing.

Yess, thank you 🥰

Looks fresh but honestly, I'm on diet soda water for now.

Thanks for sharing your blog and vlog.

Its ok, you can try next time 😁 thanks to you too

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