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Welcome back to my kitchen, I trust you've had a good time trying out the few recipes I mentioned in my previous posts.
Today I will be making two meals, one for breakfast and the other for dinner.
For breakfast I will be making fried yam with egg sauce. There are many ways to eat yam, for example roasting, frying, boiling pounding etc, but today I will be frying.


Groundnut oil
A pinch of salt to taste
Those are the essential components for your fried yam.


Peel the yam and cut into desired shapes and sizes. Add salt to the raw yam to taste
Place your fry pan on fire and add a lot of oil. It's going to be a deep fry and I like it dry and crunchy, that is why I like deep frying it. Also I put a bulb of onion in the hot oil to give it the onion flavour.
Using your spatula, place your yam into the hot oil and allow to fry.
Stir at intervals to avoid burning and for the two sides to fry well.
Remove it when it is hard or when the color changes to milky colour.

Egg sauce

Seasoning cubes
Groundnut oil
Veggies( like carrot, green beans, cabbage, etc. It is optional).



In a clean pan, add groundnut oil(little quantity, so that your food doesn't get soggy and oily).
Add onions and stir, followed by your veggies.
Stir fry for a couple of minutes till excess water is dried up. Add seasoning cubes to the fry to taste.
In a clean bowl, whisk egg, add salt(a pinch), seasoning cubes to taste
Pour the mixture into the stir fry and stir.
After a couple of minutes you bring it down

Your food is ready and very delicious to munch. That was it.


Moving over to the main course, Coconut rice with plantain.
I planned making this food plenty and it required a bigger pot than the usual and also making it using firewood. When the quantity of food I planned to prepare is too much, it is preferable to use firewood.

Cooking with firewood can be so stressful. Making fire and keeping it burning is devastating because of the smoke that keeps entering your eyes and making it difficult for you to breathe.
Nevertheless if you are able to set the fire properly, it will be easier and faster to prepare your meals.


Back to my coconut rice, what are the ingredients used in making this meal for this particular meal, I used

10cups of rice
4 huge dry coconuts( the dry coconut brings out more milk required for the meal).
Fish( dry fish is preferable)
Seasoning cubes


The process of extracting the milk can be so stressful, you could grind the coconut using a grinder or manually using your hand.

After grinding, you pour hot water into it, wash and sieve the milk from the chaff. Wash for like three times to extract all the milk, hot water makes the milk extraction easier. The milk is what you will use to prepare the meal and the chaff can be thrown away. But make sure the milk is all extracted from the chaff before throwing away.


After parboiling your rice, you mix all your ingredients into the rice. In the pot, add your rice, fish, pounded crayfish, seasoning cubes, salt onions, coconut water and the milk as well. Taste to know if all the ingredient blends then put it on fire. If the milk and water was not enough, you could then add extra water depending on how soft you want your rice to be.

When everything is set, Place the food on fire and cover it. Make sure your fire burns well so that your rice doesn't become soggy and watery.
When the fire is high, the rice gets dried up quickly and the texture comes out beautifully.


Also I remained the milk for my plantain. I used ripe plantain here and I decided to boil it the unusual way.
After cutting the plantain to desired shape and size,I boiled it in the milk to give it an extra milk flavour, I boiled it till it became super soft and ready to eat.


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