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hi friends #liketu how are you all legs
on this occasion I will share some #photography and #food that I managed to photograph when we went to Mount Salak in our area.
so we ordered our local specialties which were made by frying and given some crackers by the seller. This seems very simple because this is typical, only decorated with crackers with noodle soup.
also my friend also Mama san fried rice with omelette as a side dish I also really like the omelette eaten with fried rice especially when we go to tourist attractions it must be very delicious to eat
Enough of the photography that I managed to share. hope friends like it

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Lovely dinner 🥣

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Love the noodles, it looks very tasty. Greetings from the Philippines!

thank you so much brother

You're welcome (^_^)

Wow, nice one buddy. 👍

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