Delicious Homemade Dango! (20 mins recipe)


I still remember the last time when I went to Japan. I had no idea what a lot of stuff I ate was. They have so many types of snacks I liked and this little chewy gluey ball topped with some sweet-savory sauce was one of them. It's weird how I couldn't tell if the sauce was sweet or savory. It's sweet but at the same time, there's that hint of sourness and salty flavors.

Now not that I know what it is but I know how to make it! The first time trying to make Dango and it turned out pretty good! It's easy peasy to make as well as you know, we don't like time-consuming recipes here ;)


Dango is a Japanese dumpling and sweet made from mochiko, related to mochi. It is often served with green tea. Three to five dango are often served on a skewer. More info.

2 types of flours

Normally, Dango needs a certain type of Japanese flour but I found this recipe that we can just use substitute types. I use glutinous and non-glutinous rice flour. Mix with an equal portion. For 8 dango which is perfect for 2 serving, I use 50g of each type and 80ml of water.


Knead and make a ball shape

Knead the dough for a few minutes until its texture is soft and smooth. divide it equally just the size you prefer. Normally people make a ball of 20-23g. I just couldn't be bothered.




I recommend pouring a bit more water so that you can see the process of the dango sinking to floating. Once they float, that's when you know the dango is fully cooked and ready to be taken out to cool down in a cold water.


Stick them on skewers

Once it's cool down and dry off, put them on skewers (doesn't really matter really)


Char them!

Char the outside part of the Dango with a torch or easily use the same stove that you just boil them. I found it easier and faster using the stove so...



***Oh! Be careful when doing this as the fire can quickly burn the skewers without you noticing. My first one was just like that.. #rip!


Dango Sauce

Now here comes the mysterious sauce. Sweet and salty, you know you love it like that. The best contrast exists so here we go, soy sauce and sugar with a bit of water. Normally people do it with corn starch too. I just didn't have it in hand. This works just fine though. By the way, I use my heart to mature the ingredients as usual :)

Put it on low heat and stir till it's thickening up. Not too thick though as once it cools down, it turns real sticky.



Love it!! I just wish I made the dough ball a bit smaller and have more water when boiling. My dango was a bit stiff inside as I believe, it needed to be cooked a little longer. Just couldn't tell because there's too little water for the big dango to even float.

Overall, again, love it. Chew, gluey dough balls with sweet and salty. For sure a perfect afternoon treat with some hot tea. Now that I'm writing about this, I'm feeling making another batch for the next hours so, chao!!



Have you ever tried dango?

You gotta! It's one of the best Japanese treat


That look like super tasty bread balls 🤗

Super yum!

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