Popular Chinatown dessert - RICE DOUGH BALL (3 ingredients)


Alrighty, another easy peasy 3 ingredient dessert (if you don't count water as another ingredient that is #lol)

It's a rice dough ball with sweet stuffing. In Thai, we call Bua loi (บัวลอย) not too sure about other languages. It's a really chewy and soft dough (if you make it right which I did) with some sweet stuffing like, sweet ground black sesame, sweet bean pastes, and so on. You can either eat it with warm milk, coconut milk, or like I did, ginger tea. The spicier, the better.

I love it a lot because...

It kinda warms me up as I always have it with hot ginger tea. It's healthy (ier, at least) compared to other dessert out there. Especially, if you make the stuffing with black sesame. I just didn't have any on hand so... Also, it fill you up real good. Well, look at the dough! LOL It's like you have a mouth full of sticky rice.

Sweet red bean paste

Basically, no need to be red beans, white beans, green beans, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, your choice. At the end you just need to make it a paste which you can easily do it with those things by steam them for a while. In this very post though, I'm showing you how to do it with red beans.

Soak the beans

You can either do it overnight or a few hours or not at all. The less time you soak, the longer you need to boil them. I soaked the whole day whole night and boil for half an hour till the beans are super duper soft that it can be mashed easily.



Put some sugar

Once you mash or blend it to the point that you like. Some love it super fine and some like it a bit chunky so, do it your way. Put some sugar in. Eyeball it to the same amount of the bean paste itself then keep stiring in the pot until it's smooth and sticky. It turns a bit shiny too. Refrigerate for a moment while we're making the dough.



Guess what, make the dough! Yes :)

The only ingredient is this glutinous rice flour or sticky rice flour. Put a good amount into the bowl and add cold water slowly while kneading. Keep doing this till the dough doesn't stick on your hand and turns shiny. Now it's easy to form.

Once it's ready, divide them into small little balls just about the size you'd like your rice dough ball to be.



Stuff it with bean paste

Flatten the dough and add some red bean paste that we prepared earlier. If you make it into a ball, it will be much easier to close and make it a perfect looking dough ball. If you love the dough thin, make it thin. If not, just do the opposite ;) It won't break. As soon as you dump it into the hot boiling water, it's all good!


Boil our perfect-looking dough balls

Once you have it the way you like, dumb all in the boiling water. It will first drown then, it will float. That's when you know it's cooked completely and you need to take it out just right away! You want it soft and chewy not mushy, right?



Once cooked completely, it's just really so soft.. Now again, fun time! Your choice what liquid you'd like to put it into... Ginger tea, warm milk, honey & lemon water, or on top of a coconut ice-cream ooohh!! Most popular way of eating it in Thailand's Chinatown is in ginger tea or warm milk so I will just stick with those.



I love it, I love it a lot!

It's super soft and chewy. Almost melt in your mouth but come on, chew it still, it's the whole ball made of sticky rice flour #lol. Love how it's not so sweet as well, goes so well with that sweet and spicy ginger tea. As mentioned, you can eat it just like that or with warm milk is also good. It's your recipe, make it the way you like it :)

Can't believe this needs just 3 ingredients. I'm so proud of myself for making this for the very first time and it came out this good. If I can do it, you can do it too!! It's so good!!! and I'm sure it's exotic for many of you so,...


Go now go, see you in the kitchen!!


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Delicious food. I liked it.