Anyone up for 10000 FOODIE coins for delivering me a pizza?

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Yes, I am offering 10000 FOODIE for anyone who can deliver me a pizza today, not necessarily a large Papa John pizza, but a small pizza would also do. The only condition is that it should be a vegan pizza. If it's not a pizza, I would also gladly accept a vegan chocolate. It would be great if it's free from palm oil and sugar. You will get some extra FOODIE for that. :)

Did you get what I am trying to say here?

Yes, it's a Bitcoin Pizza day today and I want to celebrate it with my Foodie tokens.

What I want to emphasize and demonstrate with this is that it is the buyer who is more important than a seller, esp. when it comes to price determination.

I wonder why Laszlo Hanyecz is always considered as a living Legend for making the first real world Bitcoin transaction. Of course, he was an innovative and generous person for offering 10000 Bitcoins to buy him 2 large Papa John pizzas back in 2010. But it was actually Jercos, who made this transaction possible by accepting to buy Bitcoins in lieu of delivering a large pizza to Laszlo.

So, in my humble opinion, Jercos was the real hero who gave some value to the Bitcoin by buying them for some real world product and service. What would Bitcoin be worth without Jercos? Would Picasso's art worth as much if there was no buyer for it?

It's the valuer who provides value to what is being valued. And the true valuation is achieved only when there are several buyers in the market.

So instead of framing only Laszlo as a hero or a legend in celebrating Bitcoin Pizza day in the honour of the first Bitcoin transaction he initiated, Jercos should also be regarded equally, if not more, for completing that transaction.

Whether we agree to it or not, we all would probably agree that Papa Johns is getting an unnecessary advantage out of this whole episode. Papa John had nothing to do with Bitcoin at that time. Why give them so much free publicity?


Both were ideally important. A moment of silence for the two.

What is foodie token. Is it a tribe token,


Yes, FOODIE is a tribe related to everything food. Find them at:

Okk. Thanks for the information

So you created this foodie coin or what?

No, I'm just a hodlr of it.

 last year  

HA! that's Awesome! Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!!

Thanks! Hope there will be a Foodie Pizza Day soon :)

Love your Foodie post!

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Well, I think you live to far from me!
Otherwise I would have loved to make a vegan pizza for you :D

Awww, thanks for your intention. I'd like to be your neighbour in my next reincarnation :)

Hindsight is 20/20. Bitcoin could be worth nothing and getting pizza could seem like a steal.

Exactly, you would feel lucky to receive pizzas for bitcoin then.

At the time yes you would feel lucky. Now now the future price you would feel like an idiot.

I don't have vegan pizza. Is the potato spread enough (without the right to a reward :-))?

Ah, something is always better than nothing. Thanks for this cute GIF :)

It's my pleasure :-)

Is the offer closed or still open?

Officially closed but I can make an exception for you.
Any day can be a chocolate or pizza day, you know! 😊