LuKang Old Street

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A visit to LuKang old street, Taiwan. LuKang is a town in central Taiwan with a lot of preserved history. Sometimes, it can be an entire temple as in my last article (click here) or it can simple be remnant of what was. In the picture above, there is a beautiful arched doorway that was blocked for an unknown reason. Regardless it is beautiful to observe.

Here is a very traditional ice cream vender. This style of vender is probable from the post WWII era to today. A very common sight 30 years ago, they are a dying breed. Some use an older version of transport, such as a bicycle. They are known not for playing cute music but for honking a hand held horn that one might see in old Looney Tunes. The locals warmly refer to the sound and ice cream man as, "Baboo-baboo", imitating the sound of the horn.

Below is a view form the back with his cones and wares. The ice cream isn't as good as that which can be found in modern stores.

Below there is a barbecue corn vendor. While there were many street food vendors, this one had a clear view of their process.

Here is a traditional farmer selling their produce. She has quite a layout of all kinds of vegetables and even natural sponges in the back. Modestly prices, this is another dying tradition that won't be around much longer.

Some of the extremely old houses have been turned into stores, restaurants, cafes, and shrines. Others are just sitting there deteriorating. Here is a store that sells Chinese lamps, artwork, and decorations. In front, is a vendor selling fans. The little boy is my son.

Some building are saved by larger companies that want to renovate them and use them. For others, the families can't afford to fix them up and end up tearing them down or selling them. The beautiful one below is from the 1930's (according to a local). Seemed a little strange to see an 85 Degree cafe on the bottom.

Other people play off the curiosity of the days of old. This one filled the first floor with old arcade games such as this "ball game machine". $10NT to play (about $0.30USD). If you win, hit the gong.

Finally for this post, it was extremely crowded. As you can see below, there was almost no room on the street for walking. It was the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, so it was so crowded. But that's the Chinese New Year.

All pictures taken by me with iPhone 14.