Collect rubbish rewards 67 goes to:

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Collect rubbish rewards # 67

There were 2 participants who took part. Thank you for collecting rubbish!
So far we have had 169 cleaners from the beginning of this Challenge a few month ago. That's a lot of rubbish that we have taken care of properly.

This week's HSBI Share rewards go to:Die Rewards in Form von HSBI Share gehen diese Woche an:
1. Place1 HSBI Share@schumix05
2. Place1 HSBI Sponsort bei @cleanyourcity@phoenixwren
3. - 7. Place100 Planet Token@no mpre participant
25 CYC NFT Owner25 Planet Token@no participant
50 CYC NFT Owner50 Planet Token@no participant



Here are the winners drawn in the correct order.Hier sind die gezogenen Gewinner in der richtigen Reihenfolge.



Prices for current challenge # 68

1. PlaceHP Rewards for the Challenge Post in the form of HSBI. At least 1 HSBI
2. Place1 HSBI Sponsort bei @cleanyourcity
3. - 7. Place100 Planet Token

Thanks for participating to everyone who took part in the "Collect rubbish week" challenge. Every piece of trash that doesn't end up on the ground is a win for all of us.Danke fürs Teilnehmen an alle, die am "Collect rubbish week" Challenge teilgenommen haben. Jedes Stück Müll, das nicht auf dem Boden landet, ist ein Gewinn für uns alle.
Second place is a sponsor HSBI Share from @cleanyourcity.Als zweiten Platz gibt es einen Sponsor HSBI Share von @cleanyourcity.
In addition, there are 100 Planet Tokens each for 5 other participants. Thanks to @cleanplanet for making it possible. Planet tokens are used similar to ecency points. Here the information about planet token.Zusätzlich gibt es je 100 Planet Token für 5 weitere Teilnehmer. Danke an @cleanplanet der es möglich macht. Planet Token sind ähnlich wie ecency punkte zu gebrauchen. Hier die Info darüber.
I hope there will be a few participants again.Ich hoffe es finden sich wieder ein paar Teilnehmer.
Have fun participating in the "Collect rubbish week" challenge.Viel Spaß beim "Collect rubbish week" Challenge teilnehmen.

Danke 🙏

Hey @schumix05, here is a little bit of BEER from @eddwood for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you so much! :)