☀️Beach Wednesday Contest ~ Edition 14: Tunantar Beach🌴

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Greetings Hivers lovers of the sea and sand!
Today my day is in Tunantar Beach in the Sucre State of Venezuela, on the eastern coast of the country and bathed by the fabulous Caribbean Sea. This beach has medium waves, sands varied from white to yellow, there is a small population of the same name and most of its inhabitants are fishermen and it has some services such as inns, restaurants, chair service. This state is touristy because it is blessed by an infinity of beautiful beaches of different styles, national parks, the spectacular Araya Peninsula with its salt flats, lagoons and many rivers such as the Manzanares. Cumana is one of the oldest cities in the country, the first-born city of the American continent, founded by the Spanish in 1515. The main resource is tourism and fishing. This place is special to spend a small vacation or a weekend to enjoy a lot of tranquility as on weekdays there is little visitor activity, I suppose because of the pandemic. There were few bathers but a very pleasant and healthy day we enjoyed taking photos of the place from a sunny day with its sunset and the night with a beautiful moon and the sound of the waves of the sea a great incentive to rest.

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