The Tipping Culture of Dolphin Assemble Community

@dolphin-assemble account was created on 14 June 2020.

Time flies and this account has been around for more than half a month.

@dolphin-assemble has been going around to reward participants of contests with a nice tip as well as visiting different dolphin assemble members’ posts randomly to give tip for their content.

Dolphin Banner.jpg

I hope it gives a great feeling whenever you get a tip from @dolphin-assemble.

As the founder of @dolphin-assemble, it was the sudden inspiration that I started this community.

As a dolphin in the dolphin assemble community, you are free to participate in the contests or challenges that I organise as well as the privilege of being curated with tips.

I may also start to send @dolphin-assemble to give small upvotes to your articles in future.

Dolphin Assemble Community will never force you to commit to any project so everything is by free choice and you can introduce your initiative to the community members if you have ideas to promote the welfare of the Hive platform.

Let’s see how we can help Hive in our own little ways!


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