Midnight Mass

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Midnight Mass was a very good show. Both Keria and I loved this Netflix original show. Midnight Mass is about a small American fishing village that has been struggling due to an oil spill. While the residents deal with their boring and declining way of life, a new catholic priest with a mysterious past arrives and tries to breathe new life into the town. Once the priest arrives weird things start happening. I don't want to spoil anything but Keria and I definitely recommend this show.

Check out my video for a more in-depth look at the series.

Part 1 - is it bad to have Mass at Midnight

Part 2 - The Preacher be Preaching

~~~ embed:7158558929205726507 tiktok metadata:Y2luZW1hLm9sb2d5fDcxNTg1NTg5MjkyMDU3MjY1MDc= ~~~

Part 3 - Mystery, Scary, Monologues. What else can you ask for?

Thank you for reading and please tell me what you think.


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