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Happy spooky Halloween!

Like you, I adored Kate Winslet in Titanic, not necessarily for her acting but because I wanted to BE her! I can't think of any movie that I have seen her in that I didn't love! Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind convinced me that she was an incredible actress. The roles she has played are so varied. The Holiday, The Dressmaker, to Divergent, to Mare of Easttown. And Iris. And The Reader. Looking at her list of movies makes me realize that she has had a major role in many of my favorites. I guess I am more of a Kate Winslet fan than I realized!

I can't wait to participate in this contest, this is my first time commenting here and I must say this community is fantastic.
I hope to learn from here.

Let's rock it this week again.. we go again

Another great week to come.

Thanks for the prize! 😀

annnnnnndddd THAT'S why I am a dog person! lololol A dog would never try to steal your soul like those unholy cats!!! Such great writing and suspense @hetty-rowan !!!! I loved it!

I must admit I'm not that much of a Kate Winslet fan, but I do think that her character in Titanic took some very harsh criticism on how she handled the whole situation in the water thing lololol

Congrats for all winners!