Masterfully Stitched! Prince of Darkness (1987) Movie Review.

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Princes of darkness, a movie produced in 1987, masterfully stitched together, Horror and the recent horror movie are no match for this movie. This is a 1987 American horror supernatural movie. It was directed and written by John Carpenter. It's a trilogy but called 'Apocalypse Trilogy'. Having Prince of Darkness as the first installment, The Thing as the second installment and In The Mouth Of Madness the last installment.

The first installment was produced by Larry J. Franco, cinematography done by Gary B. Kibbe, and the soundtrack was done by John Carpenter the writer and director. The company involved with the distribution was Universal Pictures. This movie was perfectly merged into two genres which are horror and supernatural. Not just that alone, it is a mix of gory horror and lots of abstract involved with supramundane.

Little of Plot
A catholic priest request for the help of a physicist Prof Howard to help research a mysterious cylinder containing a swirling green liquid located at the basement of an Old Order cult called the 'The Brotherhood of Sleep'. The order communicates through dreams. So Prof Howard brought some of his students to join in the research.


So along the line, they discovered that the green liquid in the cylinder was the embodiment of satan and not to be played around with. The liquid seemed to be appetizing. As they kept on researching, they found some old books and later, a small amount of the green liquid escaped from the cylinder. Some of them were exposed to this liquid and got possessed which brought about killing of each other, blood shed, and violence. For the liquid controlled their minds to do bad things.


Also homeless people around were affected with schizophrenic problems. Some of the researchers that were not affected by the liquid yet like the priest and some of the students could escape because the homeless people surrounded them.


One of the students, Kelly, got to be possessed with a large amount of the liquid making her the perfect for the devil. It turned into an unspeakable creature that regenerates and has the power of telekinesis. In the end, the remaining people that were affected fought to defeat the infected ones and Kelly. I would say more about the end, but it is best if you watch it.

My Ratings
This movie is a masterpiece and it was well planned out within a short period of time. The filming days for the movie was for 30days and they produced a fantastic and amazing horror movie. I would list this among the classical horror movies.

As of then, in the 1980s, the visual for this movie is amazing and superb. The cast were well synchronised with the story of the movie. Also the production is A+ and I would give it a 4.5 rating. The setting, plot and locations are excellent.


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