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Greetings to all horror movie lovers nothing more terrifying than watching a movie at midnight just listening to that suspenseful sound makes goosebumps that's what brings the moderator @wiseagent with the contest CHALLENGE #04 - Horror movies of the 70's.

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Who has not heard of the horror movie called the exorcist, this film that generated a lot of insomnia, anguish and psychopathy to see this movie, most of all I say it for me that when I saw this movie I almost died of fright, I think my mind was marked and caused that I could not sleep for several nights.

Every time I turned off the light, or looked to some corner I felt that my heart was over jumping, it was extremely frightening. My mother always told me why watch those horror movies if it will cause you to die of terror when you stay alone, you live in anguish and stop counting and as a stubborn daughter and fan of these classics I do not pay attention to what she tells me.

In order to see this movie I had to watch it in the morning at about 9 a.m. I remember very well, I said at this hour it is not going to scare me. I tell you, it caused the same effect, the terror, the screams and the fright was exactly the same.

The scene that scared me the most was when the girl was being exorcised and she started to turn her head around and that scared me to death. In spite of the years this classic of classics causes the same fear of always you who think movie lovers.

An anecdote that happened to my mother with this movie is that when it was announced in the theaters she and her friends signed up to go and see it. When they arrived at the theater she was excited before entering, but when they paid the light and the sound so scary fear took over her and she told me that she could only see a part of the movie she left terrified because she was terrified and could not hide her fear, what did they think of this terrifying experience.

I invite my friends to participate in CHALLENGE #04 - 70's horror movies to my friends @gigi8, @glowshine and @rebedir1 who are encouraged to participate.


Thanks for your participation in the contest, @fariasros.