A Fascinating Biopic — Review Of Blonde (2022)

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I'd like to believe I'm a film buff and as such a little familiar with the name Marilyn Monroe. Though I have not read her biography, I know she's renowned for her beauty, especially her blonde hair and as a sex symbol. However, this recently released biopic, Blonde (2022) gives me more insight into her character as one of the world's iconic Hollywood actresses.

Another reason I was excited to watch the movie was because of the main actress, Ana de Armas. Having watched her stellar performance in The Gray Man, I was fascinated to see more of her acting skills and I was impressed.

This film is based on the award-winning novel by Joyce Carol Oates which focuses on the life and career of Norma Jeane who later became the famous Marilyn Monroe. It details the disturbing parts of this icon's life from her abusive and sad relationship with her mentally unstable mother to the sexual abuses she faced, her marriages and divorces, her emotional instability, her rise to fame and finally, her untimely death.

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Just so you know, the graphic sexual content of this film is a bit high and as such, children cannot watch it. Being a sex symbol, the film displays some nude scenes that make me wonder if that was all that there was to the life of Marilyn Monroe —sex, abuses and emotional instability that could be construed as insanity. It makes me sad. I know a film or book cannot detail the entire life of a person but I wish we could see more of who Marilyn truly was.

I enjoyed watching the film. The settings and visual effects are great. Major parts of the film are presented in black and white while other portions are set in colour which depicts the period the film is set.

The cast's performances were great and so was their chemistry. As the main character, Ana de Armas' performance was superb. Viewers can see the energy and effort she used to immerse herself in the role. I see this actress rising higher in Hollywood and possibly becoming another Marilyn Monroe. That is, in a famous way.

I feel this film did not do justice to Ana de Armas' talent as an actress. Like she was constricted to cry in almost every scene and act unstable. I'm hoping she will explore more interesting characters in other films.

One admirable part of this film that the director and crew should be commended for is the stunning and accurate recreations of some of Marilyn Monroe's famous scenes like the white dress, looks and pin-up covers.

When I compared the real Marilyn Monroe and Ana de Armas, the only slight difference is their facial features. Everything else looked the same.

It's a lengthy film of two hours and forty-seven minutes, though I think it can be shorter as some scenes were unnecessarily elongated.

All in all, it's a good watch and I give it 4 stars out of 5. If you enjoy biographical dramas with a bit of psychology, you'll love this film.

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Images are screenshots from the movie and the cover is designed using Canva


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Wow it looks a movie that you feel that we are watching both of them, not actress acting like them

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Ana de Armas has been pretty great at everything she's been in. I've heard this movie can get a bit purple but I find stylish biopics like this very intriguing.

Indeed, this biopic is intriguing and Ana de Armas did spectacularly. Thanks for your visit. 🙂