Surviving life without Electricity(Survival Family)

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Hello, how are you all? Stay healthy and well everyone. Well, think about it, if electricity is lost from our lives for several days, then how will the life of the whole country be? And it seems that everyone should think about something like that.


Every country's electricity is produced in some way or another and its maximum benefit is being enjoyed by all of the world today. It would be wrong to say that we are only consuming, knowingly we are wasting more electricity than necessary in our continuous life. Making life an unaccountable joy, which is our present day-to-day nature.

Nowadays people have to give up something to make life easier and more pleasant through electricity. And that is creating a distance between people and people, families and families at all levels of normal and necessary relationships. At the same time, people have forgotten to learn what a person naturally needs to know, what needs to be learned and how to do everything within a certain rule.


As a result, people have almost forgotten the education of natural production of all the daily necessities. Most of us are educated and migrated to cities to live a better and easier life, as a result of which our agricultural production families started to decline. Then it is naturally seen that the people in the villages have started to decrease and the people in the cities have difficulty in replacing them. Along with this, an unusual stress is created in all the sectors of the city, due to which the cities also face major problems at various times.

But how we humans benefit from electricity and how we destroy it by wasting it while making life easier and happier, and how we neglect our relationships can be seen in the movie Survival Family. The movie focuses on the lives of Yoshiyuki Suzuki and his family members and presents the problems and solutions of the medium beautifully. And to be honest, every scene in the movie is realistic and I like it.

Movie Introduction:

Movie Name - Survival Family.

Main Character - Yoshiyuki Suzuki and his entire family.

Movie Time - 1 Hour 57 Minutes.

Movie Type - Survival Comedy Drama.

Director - Shinobu Yaguchi.

Release date - February 11, 2017.

Country - Japan.

Suzuki Family:

The Suzuki family lived in Tokyo, Japan. There were total 4 members in the family. Among them is a son and a daughter, and Suzuki is husband and wife.


Summary of the story

Everyone is living through an electricity dependent comfort loving life. As a result, everyone in the same family is busy with their own entertainment instead of enjoying it together. And at that time suddenly the electricity in Tokyo went out. Everyone generally thought that the load shedding would happen after a while and then the power would come back. But the electricity did not come even after a whole day

And the interesting thing is that most of the necessary tasks in Tokyo became easy and fun to do, for example - the house runs on electricity, the light in the house runs on electricity, the food is stored on electricity, the food is prepared on electricity, the cooling is on electricity, from top to bottom. Namely with electricity, phone runs with electricity, bus, car trains all transport runs with electricity, office courts run with electricity everything is connected with electricity.

Everything in the city has started to close down slowly and people's life in the city has become difficult. As a result, the people of the city began to return to the village without seeing any other option. The Suzuki family is also going home to the village. But the car is not running, neither is the plane. So finally Suzuki is going to his father's house with his family by bicycle. As a result, the Suzuki family becomes a real survival tour with no electricity and the whole family spends some time together.

During survival, the Suzuki family could accept the pig for food, but could not slaughter the goat. Then an old man slaughtered the pig in agreement to eat well. And then they learn to store food without refrigeration. Ultimately, Suzuki struggles to survive and reaches his village home after 108 days with his family. Only Suzuki's father lived alone in the village house. Goes to his village and sees Suzuki's father fishing with a fishing rod. Then Tara started living in the village and living happily by learning all the necessary things of life.


Now all of Suzuki Panibar can multitask, they are now aware and realistic about life. About 2.5 years passed like this, suddenly one morning Suzuki woke up hearing the sound of Mike. Then Suzuki came out and saw that electricity had returned to the whole country. Cities are coming back to life, people are returning to their old jobs. Suzuki's family is also returning to their home. They are now living a normal and beautiful life.

They learned to bring continuity to life by using everything properly. After 3 long years without electricity, people regained their normal life. And thus we see a beautiful ending to a wonderful movie.

I found the movie realistic enough and liked it. I hope you will like the movie too.

Thank you .


If such a thing happened to me, I would move to a garden or a village first thing. It has a somewhat interesting plot.

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We all need to have experience about the normal life of a human being.

In order for people to survive in all kinds of situations in life, it is very important to have the experience of different tasks depending on the reality. Otherwise, if there is a disaster in the environment, then our livelihood can become dangerous.

And we should all stop wasting everything. If you waste everything, everything ends one day before its time. Everything outside the rules has bad effects.