Done Dirty!

in CineTV2 months ago (edited)

Journeys episode 115 was just journeys doing journeys things - rushed garbage!

Alain's Mega Charizard X....the same mega Char X that took down 10 megas in a row, including the Ace of an elite 4 member, the same Char X that fought toe to toe with the primal forms of both Kyogre and Groudon at the same friggin' time.....That Mega Charizard X was taken out by Leon's Charizard (yes, leon's charizard....not even dynamaxed!) by.....2 moves?!

I'm sorry I'm not buying that.

The backlash this episode received all over japan was well deserved.

Everything you could do to annoy an entire fanbase, journeys did it. Just as I was starting to think journeys was finally redeeming itself after tons of lacklusture, garbage episodes....back to garbage is where the writers decided to take it. And now, Journeys has the potential to become arguably the worst series of Pokemon in 25 years.

It's sad for a few reasons. One, this might be the end of Ash's journey and we as fans deserved it to end with a bang...after following the anime for 25 years.

Second, and most importantly, because it just had so much potential. I could possibly write about all the potential storylines Journeys could have delivered and I wouldn't have to write anything else for the next 6 months! There is was simply that much potential.

Let's stick to just episode 115 for now.

This episode marked the return of Alain to the anime. The undisputed theory was Alain was returning to battle Ash once more, as it was promised towards the end of XYZ. This was the episode where Ash could have commanded Greninja once more, maybe one final time in a battle. This was the episode where Ash-Greninja form could have returned...yes the very form that revolutionized the Pokemon fanbase.

All we got was Leon just steamrolling Alain for no good reason. I get it Leon is strong, but c'mon, Leon is no way THAT strong. If he indeed is that strong that he could take out Alain's Mega Charizard X with just a normal charizard...that too in like 2 moves, then they should probably just end the "Pokemon World Coronation Series Masters 8" tournament right now. Because there is no point.

The disrespect to Alain was uncalled for. Depriving the fans of Ash-Greninja one last time was uncalled for.

At this point, journeys is beyond redeeming matter what happens further down the masters 8 tournament.

Greninja deserved to go out with a bang. Alain deserved to go out with a bang.




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