The Return of The Ninja Frog!

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My wife was pretty amazed (and not in a good way, I must admit) at how an adult could watch so much Pokemon! In my defense, first of all, she had been warned!

Secondly, there is no such thing as "so much pokemon," especially when it's the episode where the "Ninja Frog" returns! Last year I wrote a review post (of sorts) after I binge watched the Kalos series. The kalos series will have had an everlasting impact on "most" pokemon the good, the bad and the ugly ways.

The good ways are too obvious. It was an extremely well written plot that spanned for nearly three years. It introduced fantastic new mechanics into the anime such as Mega evolution and Bond phenomenon that took the dynamics of pokemon battles to "new heights," just as Ash and Greninja did!



The soundtracks were top notch to say the least. I find most people overlook this aspect of storytelling, sometimes too much can be said with no words and only proper composition of soundtracks. I still feel the soundtracks of the Kalos series played a huge role in it having such and emotional attachment for me.

Oh, most importantly it Gave us Greninja, a new Pokemon to finally share the King's throne with Charizard. Why people love Greninja so much hard to explain because this was not an overnight thing, this was not "love at first sight" kinda thing. It started with Froakie and slowly developed over the three years with frogadier and finally Greninja. My wife asked me why I love this pokemon so much, I couldn't explain. No one can explain, you just have to watch the Kalos series.

I will leave the bad and uglies of the kalos series out of this post to avoid spoiling my mood. I will say this much, I had a bitter aftertaste at how the series ended, it was unfair, it was unjust. Yet, it was what it was.


So an episode that marks the return of our beloved Greninja, was bound to send us on an emotional overdrive and the expectations were soaring high! It came with quite a bit of nervousness because the current series, Pokemon Journeys, has mostly disappointed us in the story telling segment. Most of the plots were just plain bad, and rushed. No buildup, just boom boom, bang bang!

Still there was some solace, some hope in the fact that at least the storytelling for the return of the Kalos companions Clemont and Bonnie, and Serene were very well written. So with crossed fingers crossed, and a pounding heart I started watching the episode "Lucario and Gekkouga (Greninja)! The Wave Guidance of Destiny!!"

And my oh my! The storytelling was on point! The flashbacks were naustalgic. Greninja's battling is still as excellent as before, if anything it's gotten sharper. The way he absolutely humiliated Lucario despite being at a type disadvantage....without even using a specialized move was extremely satisfying (no, I don't hate Lucario. I like Lucario a lot, it's just satisfying to watch Greninja win so effortlessly) and upsetting at the same time. That battle only makes one wonder....ah, What if Greninja was still on Ash's team?!



And the cherry on top was Greninja asking ash to stay back and taking on mentoring Lucario on his own shoulders. Our greninja has grown so much!

It was wholesome to watch Ash commanding Greninja once again to fight Lysandre's vines...totally Kalos vibes!

To make things worse for those trying to hold tears back, the episode ended with the Kalos ending theme. They friggin' brough back the Kalos ending theme. This episode was the pinnacle of Fanservice!


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you no adult! you a kid at heart.

Aren't we all a kid at heart 😉

Love the Pokemon review! Thank you.