The Return of the Rival!

in CineTV4 months ago

I have probably been one of the biggest critics of the current pokemon Journeys series. I am not sure if it was because Journeys was actually bad, or I was still unable to process the fact that the Kalos (XYZ series) and Alola (SM series) ended. I had similar feelings once I started watching the Alola series. I hated the Alola series so much when it started that I even said Pokemon should have ended with the Kalos series, I still stand by that notion but I over time Alola delivered so much that It is currently among the top of my favourites list. (No, Kalos is still number 1).

But Journeys sure didn't make things easier on itself. The writers kept making mistakes that infuriated the wider fanbase. Some of the plots were frustrating. Like letting Goh catch Suicune by just throwing a pokeball at it, for fuck's sake!! Goh is probably the most hated of all of Ash's companions. He is not a bad character, in fact his character development has been excellent. He's just had to compete with the likes of the Kalos gang, and the Alola gang. That's some steep competition to begin with.

There is no denying that plot development of Journeys has been absolutely rubbish, and rushed. When you compare the plots around each of Ash's aces from different regions, journeys has to be the worst. It's a shame because Journeys finally gave Ash one of the most widely wanted pokemon by the fanbase as his Ace, Lucario. It's a shame!

Since 2005, when the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew was released, deep down we've all wanted Ash to have his own Lucario. Nearly 20 years later the writers finally delivered, but the bonding, the arc development has been nothing short of mediocre. When we compare with other Aces, Charizard, Sceptile, Infernape, Greninja the GOAT, (c'mon, ofcourse greninja was getting a guard of honour!), Lycanroc....Lucario's arc has disappointed.

But just as the Alola series did, after disappointing for the majority of the first half, Journeys is turning things around and turning things around in style!

The last time I was this excited about a journeys episode was surrounding the return of Greninja. I had my calander marked for that day.

Surprisingly, in the span of less than a month, I find myself having to mark my calender once again! The title for episode 114 just got confirmed, “Special training battle of flames! Satoshi vs. Shinji!!”

Paul is returning! And he is returning to train with Ash! This is insanity beyond expectations!

I will probably write more about Paul and his return once the episode airs, but for now - Can we please fast forward to June 10th please? Thanks, that will be all!




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