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I want to talk to you about a movie that disappointed me bitterly, Marie Kreutzer's Corsage. I was so hyped for this movie, which was pitched to me as a dynamic and fresh take on the infamous Empress Sissy, and it ended up being a missed opportunity.
Sissy was a person who was considered to have lived a fairy tale, since the young emperor of Austria Franz Joseph fell in love with her and married her. The fact that she was, as we know from paintings and photographs, beautiful contributed to this.
The film theoretically has the best of intentions. It aims to debunk this myth, as in reality Sissy lived a life of misery, most likely never falling in love with her husband herself, and her famous appearance was maintained with excruciating pains. In addition, it puts (supposedly) in a feminist context the question of the ways in which women are constantly accountable for their appearance and end up being products. Sissy lends itself to this, since if you go to Vienna, you will see her face printed on every souvenir you can imagine.
But good intentions or even a good true story as a basis are not enough to make a good movie. And that's where the problems begin.
Aside from Vicky Cripps, who I'm willing to sit and watch for two hours picking olives, the very interesting costumes, and the nice soundtrack (which of course isn't always put to good use), I can't think of anything else good about this movie.
Sissy's character isn't fleshed out enough, it's not fleshed out, and ultimately you never understand why this person who lives such a privileged life is so unhappy. In addition, although the screenwriter kept in the film the fact that Sissy was often absent from the Viennese court, which she found oppressive and deeply disliked, she added to give an extra feminist element, a desire for her to have political power along with her husband. These are, of course, completely incompatible things, since whoever rules does not have the ability to up and leave whenever they want, and for this reason, as far as I know, the real empress was not particularly interested in politics.
The secondary characters of the film are clichéd, papery, flatter than newsprint.
The anachronisms, unlike other films that attempted them, such as Coppola's Marie Antoinette, are just a gimmick, they serve no purpose, with the exception of some very nice anachronistic elements in the costumes.
Also, in this movie you can play scene cliché bingo, as it contains all the over-the-top scenes that are used to show that the protagonist/s live a sad and empty life.
Overall, the movie never won me over, I didn't have a single moment of interest in any of the characters, and it's the first movie in my life where I've seriously considered leaving the theater at intermission.

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I watched an interesting trailer. maybe i can watch this later

If you can’t find anything else then ok

I wont watch this movie after your review lol

Good choice 😂


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