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Going through the ROKU Channel the other day on my Smart TV, I came across The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. I've followed this story/phenomenon for a very long time. I was delighted to find that the History channel has done a series on the paranormal happenings at Skinwalker Ranch.

Screenshot from the History Channel website. Season 3 now playing.

For the people that don't know about Skinwalker Ranch, let us start there. Skinwalker Ranch is a 500-acre ranch located in the state of Utah. It is a hotbed of documented paranormal activity. Witnesses have observed everything from portals opening in the sky, ghosts, shape-shifting entities, strange lights, and a mountain of UFO activity. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is basically a documentary of an ongoing investigation by a group of scientists trying to make sense of what is happening on the ranch.

Google Maps showing Skinwalker Ranch

The history of paranormal activity on the ranch goes back hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. Legend has it that during a feud between the Navajo and Ute tribes, the Navajo cursed the lands bringing into existence the Skinwalker, a shapeshifting Werewolf like creature. To this day, both tribes avoid the lands between their two reservations.

The ranch was purchased by a billionaire type named Bob Bigelow, owner of Bigelow Aerospace. He's kind of an Elon Musk type also into space exploration. He purchased the property from the Sherman family who originally bought the ranch in the 90s to raise cattle. The family experienced a ton of paranormal activity during their stay at the ranch including cattle mutilations by unknown forces. The events on the ranch literally scared them into selling their lifelong dream.

After hearing about the UFO activity on the ranch, Robert Bigelow bought the ranch from the family and did a thorough investigation with SEVERAL government actors. Many of the findings remain classified to this day. When they finished with the investigation Bigelow, sold the ranch to the current owner Brandon Fugal who is allowing the History channel to document his findings. Here's a screenshot of his website.

So now that we're all caught up on what the Skinwalker Ranch actually is, the first two seasons do a pretty good job of showing some of the strange events that take place on the ranch. The documentary documents strange lights in the sky, electrical interference with electronics, strange animal attacks, bizarre radiation spikes, strange magnetic phenomena, and so much more. Every test they do, leads to more questions than answers. These aren't your typical paranormal investigators either. These are scientists trying to explain what's happening. More times than not, they remain completely stumped!

The show also does a good job of interviewing other people involved in the ranch at one time or another. They interview a retired police chief who was called out to the ranch on several occasions in the 90s during the time the Sherman's owned it. They also interview a military colonel who was involved in the investigation during the Bigelow years. They also interview a family member of the Sherman's that lived on the ranch for a time.

Throughout the first two seasons, they also talked with some of the local native American historians and shamans. They all talk about the strange history of the lands. Another point of interest is that every person they interview came to the same conclusion, the land is some kind of portal between dimensions. It's uncanny that all the witnesses both past and present come to a similar conclusion and almost everybody describes the exact same thing.

In a lot of ways the series reminds me of "The Curse of Oak Island". It's very similar in the way they dig up the land looking for clues. I'm guessing the two shows were probably produced by the same people. I'd be shocked if they weren't. One show is looking for hidden treasure, while the other looks to expose the paranormal activity. Both shows have a very similar feel and vibe to them though. So, if you were a fan of The Curse of Oak Island, you'll probably love this one too.

Most of what I've posted so far is public record for anyone that has followed this story. I'm trying to avoid any spoilers in the series. I will say this, they do capture a lot of strange lights in the sky and other bizarre activities on the ranch. I found the documentary interesting enough to binge the first two seasons, and I'm really looking forward to catching season 3 on the History channel.

I wasn't a huge fan of The Curse of Oak Island, and this series is presented in a very similar manner. Due to the subject matter though, I couldn't stop watching. I've been following this ranch story since the Coast To Coast - Art Bell days before that hack George Noory took over. (If you know, you know) I felt the history channel did a pretty decent job of presenting the information. I have to wonder if they did actually find anything completely mind-blowing if they'd really air the footage. Allegedly there is a lot of classified information on and about this ranch.

Sooner or later I plan on making that trip to Moab Ut. and I'd really love to research a way to peak in on this ranch. Not really sure if I'd do any solo camping in those parts though! 👽 Anyone want to join me? 🤣

Well, with all that said. This is a decent series. If you're into aliens, UFOs, and all sorts of other paranormal and unexplained activity, you might want to give this series a try! It really does have everything imaginable when it comes to paranormal activity!

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Thanks for your review! I have always been interested in this case. So many weird things going on there. My wife hates the Curse of Oak Island so I never get to watch it! :)


I have always been interested in this case. So many weird things going on there.

It's pretty fascinating for sure.

My wife hates the Curse of Oak Island

This one is very similar in nature. It almost feels like the same show, sort of, just a different theme with all the paranormal stuff.

La historia se ve interesante, a mí me gusta este género que combina la ciencia ficción y el misterio, además el rancho tiene una historia muy aterradora. La verdad nunca la había visto y tampoco hablar de ella. Me gustaría verla, exelente resumen.

Gracias por leer. El rancho tiene una historia muy interesante. Definitivamente un poco en el lado espeluznante.