Lets use our senses - Worksheet for Gr 2

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Do you know what is your senses? Can you name them? Do not worry if you do not know, lets read and learn.

Read the poem and then answer the questionsimage.png


  1. How many senses do you have?
  2. Can you name them?
  3. With what do you see?
  4. With what do you feel?
  5. Draw a picture of something you can see, something you can smell, something you can taste, something you can hear and something you can feel.

Do you like food? We get a lot of different types of food. Read the list below and say which ones you like and which ones you do not like

When you are done you must be able to spell all the words:

milk apple beans meat eggs bread cake fish sweets carrots

yoghurt mushrooms chips cookies

Read the following sentences and decide which words must start with a capital letter and where the fullstop must come in the sentence

we taste with our tongue i like to taste different types of food

i hear the alarm go off in the mornings

the boy saw that judy was dressed very nicely

when my mom gives me a hug i feel happy

peter and john both smell the freshly baked bread they cannot wait to taste it


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