The Global School - The Youtube Case

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Hi, this post is in continue to previous posts of The Global School

Vision -
Coursera -

When I started talking with a friend about The Global School, first thing he said - "like youtube?". Well if you read the vision you surely understand that there is a huge difference, but Youtube have indeed many qualities (and gaps) and though I wanted to write about Wikipedia, I decided to relate to Youtube first.

Youtube Qualities - Media, Interaction, Reputation, Long Term Rewards, Free Access

Videos - The video is a quite common media, we can see also videos in coursera and 3Speak and many more. But Youtube defentiely has a stron streaming service. The video quality in Youtube is one of the best and also uploads are easy. These kind of features and capabilities are very welcome and currently hard to achieve by a decentralized platform.

Reputation and Interaction - I added these both together because these are symptoms of account based community.

In Youtube there is no structured reputation mechanism (at least not a transparent one) but the number of likes and views can imply on the creator contribution and recognition.
These comments and likes (or dislikes) adds imoprtant metadata to content. These social-media features are common but they don't exist in platforms like Wikipedia or Coursera. Its a good question how to frame the social interaction as it adds value but it sometimes can override and ruin the main content.

Long Term Rewards

In youtube the rewards are mostly advertise based. While this is model has its many bad properties, it allows creators to benefit on their content for long term.
This is something we lack in Hive for example. In Hive the rewards are only short term. Even reputation is not increased due to content published more than 7 days ago.
Short term rewards incentivise new content creations as a trade-off to quality classic content and maintenance of past publications.
In Tge Global School quality and long term are very important and this will require a deep thinking. I don't have a solution. Maybe a contribution like donantions in Wikipedia or long term votes like the votes for Witnesses in Hive can incentivise long term quality content.

Free Access

On Youtube while we need to see advertises, we still get a free access in a way. Of course Hive is better when the free access is actualy free and have no price like watching pushed advertises.
The free access is a very important value for The Global School and here youtube surpasses Coursera and therefor many free courses on youtube are very popular.

Youtube Gaps - No Tracks, Centralized and Censored, No Transparency In The Reward System, Searching Algorithm, No Editing Trace

So is Youtube ready to be The Global School platform? Of course not. There is no learninh path. You can't find a good path of learning and the commercials together with hidden algorithms of sponsored content are making it even harder to make sure you navigate by your true core interest and learning goals.

The centralisation of Google and Youtube are becoming a real threat to sociaty especialy once we trust this pyramid organization to store so much public important data. One day we might wakeup and see this public data is not shared with us any more...

Youtube is a good inspiration for a brilliant implementation but foundation values are completely missing.

It sure can be an excllent member in The Global School and keep its advertising centralised model but still benefit from cooperation.