3 didactic games to teach and practice physical education in elementary school.

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We all know that it is necessary from an early age to learn how important physical education is and also to put it into practice... physical education is an ally in the development of the body from an early age, from about 6 years old. Games and physical activity are part of the way to discover and play with their bodies and abilities. Already when children are at a school age they can grasp the different transformations such as friendship groups and leadership.



From the school stage, children begin to evolve and adapt to social behaviors. Physical education allows the little ones the opportunity to discover their motor skills and the abilities given by their bodies to practice sports and this is where the question comes in. What games can we bring to the physical education class in elementary school?

1.The Blind Seeker:
This game is specifically to help develop speed in the little ones, as well as to help them adapt to playing in a group.

-For this game we will need:
-Divide the students into groups of 5 members.
-1 ball and a handkerchief per group.
To carry out the game, the students will have to: -Bind the garlic to one member of each group.

To carry out the game, the ball is thrown to a specific place and the children will guide the blindfolded member to the place where the ball is. In this way you can also build trust and a lot of interaction among the children in the group.

2.Spoon race:
This activity, besides being very well known and implemented in educational institutions, is a game that requires balance and agility on the part of the members who wish to play it.

-For this game we will need:
-A spoon and an egg for each member.
-We will need to make a line where the children are going to stand.

To carry out the game the children will have to run the race in a certain place and have their hands behind their backs with the spoon and the egg in their mouths. At the end of the race, those who manage to reach the finish line with the egg in the spoon win a point for their team.
This game teaches agility, balance, and stimulates children to improve themselves. It is recommended that the eggs are hard-boiled so that when they fall there is no dirt.

3.Cute little animal:
This last game to do physical education in elementary school develops the skills of self-control, autonomy and confidence in the children themselves.

The game begins when the children are seated in a circle, then a partner is chosen and goes to the middle of the circle, the others one by one will pass in front of him/her to caress him/her and say "you are my cute little animal". The child in the middle should be able to laugh. When there is someone who cannot make the member in the middle laugh, he or she will be replaced and the players will be eliminated.

These games to practice in physical education will undoubtedly be an excellent start for children to develop their skills and abilities on the body, this of course with the help of the teacher children will awaken more interest in sports and physical activity.

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