Social changes and transformations

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Just as we have come to understand individual behavior, we can also learn about how people interact and thus know how interpersonal relationships are.

It is the psychological influences that for different reasons generate changes and transformations in society, always pursuing one or more objectives with such transformation and thus diagnosing the breadth of results that can be achieved with a social transformation.

If transformations are generated, what is really expected is that the communities are strengthened through the interaction and participation of their leaders, with the objective that the transformation is genuine and maintains the continuity of changes from one sector to another without differences being noticed. Although the environments are different, the same philosophy of change must always be inferred.

All influences are necessary in a transformation, and community leaders must know that, all disciplines must work under the same objective to achieve different things, but when they are combined they manifest to have solved the problem and raise social self-esteem in a generalized way. The common good becomes part of the knowledge that communities absorb from philosophy and science, since, for example, doctors, engineers, sociologists work for sovereignty and autonomy in the transmission of knowledge.

If no actor is left out of a social transformation, then it is impossible not to categorize it as a genuine transformation, even the way of managing resources and making policy must be influenced by these social needs where education ends up being the protagonist of the objectives pursued in this race to achieve the common good.


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