Why Is It Difficult To Find A Cure For AIDS

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To say the The fact, the first time HIV/AIDS was first discovered was decades ago but yet it is difficult to find the cure for it. With the help of antiretroviral (ART) drugs that will suppress the virus by lowering amount of HIV in the blood which can make you leave longer than people that are suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and many more.

The reason for this article is that, scientists have provided solutions to many diseases from decades but hard to provide cure for HIV/AIDS.

Recently, there was a rumour that novel Coronavirus cure will soon be discovered, and Herbal medicine have been discovered in Africa but we are not certain about it.

My assumption based on the following reason why HIV/AIDS has no cure yet

  1. The virus has a way of attacking itself into the genomes of the cell that are healthy and can function as normal cell without any sign for years.
  2. The virus change its own Program very fast and rapid to protect itself from being destroyed by the immune system. When a body develops an effective antibody against the foreign body, the virus change immediately to Prevent itself being killed or avoid detection.
  3. HIV does not attack you muscles or lung, it attacks your immune system.
  4. It works differently than most viruses, it's an retrovirus (RNA) where most of the virus have dealt with DNA virus. When a DNA virus enters the cell, it attempt to replace your DNA with a virus DNA. It attaches itself to those RNA strands and replace it's DNA. Therefore, your DNA takes in the virus DNA which make it hard for your cells to identify that the cells has been attacked and self-destructive.
  5. HIV is mutagenic, it has high rapid of mutation, it can circumvent many drugs or vaccine since different virions are produced within a patient that makes the drugs or vaccine ineffective.
    Prevention is better than cure, make sure you Prevent yourself.